The lazy girl's guide to a perfect Instagram feed

How to create an alluring Instagram feed every blogger will envy!

This is the ultimate lazy girl's guide to a perfect Instagram feed.

Instagram envy - come on girls, we're all guilty of it. Slothing at home in our PJs with bad TV shows, lusting after the luxurious lives of our favourite followers – we've all been there. It's hard to imagine how anyone's life is so Insta-worthy...

Here's the secret - it's an illusion. It's a whole lot less excitement and a whole lot more effort. Confused? Let us walk you through it.


Restaurants aside, have you ever wondered how bloggers get that picture perfect snap of their plate? Believe us, it doesn't come easy. Forget a quick piece of Vegemite toast, those fruity slices take some serious work. Minutes upon minutes of slicing, dicing and re positioning to be exact.

Sound a bit too tricky? We don't blame you. Just be sure to grab a picture of your meals each time you eat out, before someone steals a chip.


Flowers are the perfect go to item for rookie photographers. From roses to tulips, a bunch of flowers is a welcome addition to anyone's feed. Ever wonder how people's pictures look so damn good? Adjust the brightness and saturation and you're in business!


#OOTD (or outfit of the day) is an Instagram essential. Just take a quick snap of your outfit from above. We suggest holding your phone at an angle to get a shot of the different texture in your outfit (and don't forgot cute footwear) and making sure the lighting is just right.


Have you ever really looked at your Snapchat selfies? Who are we kidding? Of course you have! *replays My Story 100 times.

Well, they all have something in common. If you've thought that you always seem to look a whole lot cuter in your snaps than in regular selfies, you aren't wrong! Snapchat doesn't flip the photo (what a revelation, we know), so be sure to save your snaps and upload them as selfies; you'll look better than ever.


Stuck for an Instagram? People love pets, it's a fact. So, sneak a picture of your tiny best friend and get ready to be flooded with likes and 'aww!'s.


Okay, so creating the perfect flatlay can be a seriously strenuous task. Some of the more intricate snaps seem to take hours to perfect – and let's be honest, who has time for that?

Instead, opt for a simpler approach and empty your bag on to your bed. The crisp white sheets paired with your Mimco wallet, on-trend sunnies and Chanel gloss will be a sure fire hit with your friends.

Finally, download a few basic editing apps and remember to take snaps of your favourite foods, flowers, outfits and pets on the go and we can assure you, your life will start to look a whole lot more Instagrammable in no time.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis