Jewel Intentions | Monili Jewellers

"The store is a very open plan. We didn't want to be behind a counter and the customer seating areas are key to the whole concept," Matthew says of the layout.

"We really focus on elements of hospitality and comfort.

"We wanted to discover what customers want out of a shopping experience and we don't care if they spend three hours in the store and don't buy anything. It's all about the customer's personal experience."


The boutique represents a fresh service to the Brisbane market.

"We wanted something that looked different, contemporary and fresh," Amelia says.

"It's important to us that customers can have a beautiful, great quality piece without having to pay an arm and a leg.

"We found that we could fit Brisbane's tastes and trends with pieces that aren't overly blingy."

Monili specialises in coloured stones, cocktail rings, white diamonds and pave earrings to name but a few.

"A particular speciality are the precious stones, and customers enter the store with the jewellery blinking at them," Matthew says.

Monili gains its individuality from the designs based in Dubai, representing a point of international exclusivity to the Australian market. Their workshops are filled with craftsmen with no less than ten years' experience.

Add to this their custom made and designed jewellery experience for the ultimate piece.

"We find that, in reality, when a piece is simply re-created it can take away from the piece," Matthew says.


"When things don't look exactly the same, they are similar but have a different spin to them. The girl down the road won't have the same ring.

"We are giving everyday people exclusivity, luxury and quality with a connection to whichever level of luxury they want."

"This isn't work for us, it's beautiful," says Amelia.

Visit Monili at Elizabeth Street in Brisbane city.