It’s my Décolleté

Pay attention to these fashion tips and avoid becoming a fashion victim to your Décolleté.


Different décolleté lengths coupled with your bust size, influence the type of necklines style you should choose. For instance if you have a short distance between you collar bone and the start of your bust, while also having a larger bust, you need to focus on uncluttering the area - really clean necklines are the way to go. Having a larger bust is beautiful and feminine, so you need to focus on what you have got rather than creating any clutter around the bust. The longer your décolleté and the smaller your bust the more you are able to wear those tops with gorgeous ruffles and bows! These tops are incredibly feminine and give you a greater illusion of curves.

'But what about those of us that are in-between?'


Well don't worry I am one of those too. If you are like me and have a short décolleté and small bust, any style that shows off your décolleté is really slimming and not overtly sexual because we have a small bust size. Alternatively, if you are large busted and have a long décolleté showing too much skin can make your bust look saggy. In this case, focus on simple fashion lines with a medium neckline that comes to the halfway mark on your décolleté - Tailored shirts will also look amazing! With all the amazing fashion trends in the fashion world today it's easy to forget to dress for your body – not the runway models! So now you know – don't ignore your Décolleté.

Michelle-Lee Summers
Online Shopping Expert and Fashion Blogger