Instagram's New Layout App | You Need it Now

Insta addicts are you ready for this game changer? Named 'Layout for Instagram' it's ready to take your collage pictures to the next level with a sleek, seamless and sophisticated result.

In the past everyone's been using third party apps to create collages for their snaps. But let's be honest - the result was always a bit 'artsy'.

Now instead of first choosing a grid, Layout takes you straight to the camera roll so you can select your photos before getting creative (this makes so much sense). After that you can choose from 10 different photo templates and upload up to 9 images using a variety of different effects. Then you go ahead and swap and replace until you are happy! Oh, there's a resize, mirror and flip option just to make things a little more interesting.

We had a play and this is the verdict.

Image 1.


The Verdict?


Image 2.


The Verdict?


Image 3.


The Verdict? 


Image 4.


The Verdict?

Instagram's New Layout App

OK we admit it, we pretty much lost it with excitment! It's amazing and we are even more addicted!

Tell us, what do you think of Instagram's new Layout app?
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