Instagram has just become even more #addictive

Gone are the days you need separate smartphone apps for messaging, photo- and video-sharing! Following on from Instagram’s previous #thinkoutsideofthesquare features, which Fashion Weekly covered here, that allows users to upload vertical images without the need for cropping, Instagram has now announced changes to their direct messaging.

#instagramjunkies will be happy to know that the app now allows user to send direct private and group messages, photos and videos. These changes to Instagram have just about eliminated all need for human interaction, let alone the use of Facebook, Snapchat and traditional text messaging.

Instagram have made it easier than ever to keep up-to-date with the girls, with the addition of message threads, allowing you to go back and forth between regular conversations. The message threads also contain new features that allow users to name their groups, channel their inner Kim Kardashian and snap a #selfie with the quick camera feature or share jumbo emojis.


What’s more? Gone is the need for screenshotting an image or tagging your friends. Since the release of the Search and Explore function, Instagram addicts can now share funny memes or drool-worthy shoes with friends in one click.

If you feel like you are about to become even more unproductive with these amazing new features to Instagram, don’t worry - us too!

Words: Frances van Eeden