Inside the Diary of Mitchell Hayes

Their work has already appeared in British Vogue, and they haven't even graduated yet. When my knitting tutor asked to see my graduate collection, I was nervous about what she may have thought, but she was genuinely surprised and impressed and told me it was the kind of creative collection that a graduate at St Martins might produce. I think her exact words were "Wow, I thought Australians only knew how to design wetsuits"! I'm so glad I decided to study at St Martins as it has taught me to strive for total innovation and think outside the box when it comes to my future collections.


My time at Antipodium has been equally valuable. The first half of the internship was leading up to their Autumn/Winter 13 show at London Fashion Week. I feel like I've experienced so much at Antipodium, it's hard to believe I was only there for a few months! I've had the opportunity to sew, make and cut patterns, visit local suppliers and manufacturers, be involved in the model casting, and dress backstage at London Fashion Week. The second half of my internship was in the early stages of the Resort 14 collection. It was great to experience both the early and final stages of a collection, as I really felt like I learned a lot about the design and sampling process. I also must mention that the team at Antipodium are some of the funniest and loveable people I've met, and interning for them was an absolute pleasure!

The collection, entitled "Sex, Lies and CCTV" honed in on the fact that from spy cams to sex tapes, all of modern life is tracked, recorded, shared and scrutinised. Some of my favourite pieces I worked on were the Crepe De Chine shirt and shirtdress featuring a print inspired by Sharon Stone in that scene from Basic Instinct, and an amazing green faux fur coat.

Not a day went by while I was in London that I didn't think about how fortunate I was to be there, and how grateful I am for everybody who helped to get me there. Without the support of all the sponsors, this life-changing experience wouldn't have been possible for me, and without the care and attention of my tutors at Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe, I wouldn't have any of the skills I have today. I couldn't be more proud to be a graduate of MSIT.