Influencer series: Mischief are more than a girl band


Australian pop group, Mischief are quickly making an impact within the music industry. Comprising of Eesha Hunjon (EH), Chevone Nel (CN) and Rachael Steel (RS), the trio are becoming renowned for their fun and catchy sound.

We caught up with them to talk the moment they became Mischief, being included in iHeart Radio’s top 5 artists to watch in 2017, and why they’re much more than just a girl band.

Name: Mischief

Job Description: Singer/Songwriters

Facebook: /wearemischief

Instragram: @wearemischief


I'm inspired by...

CH: People who don’t let their upbringing or surroundings define them. People who are able to take the bad hand that they are dealt and do amazing things and work hard to make their dreams become a reality.

Favourite fashion quote...

CH: Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself (coco channel).

Ultimate style staple...

CH: I’m a simple gal, so it would have to be casual shirts made into crop tops. They are the ultimate in comfort and just look edgy and effortless paired with jeans and heeled boots.

Can't live without...

CH: I hate to be sappy, but my family...They are my everything in this world, I don’t know where I would be without them.

I'm passionate about...

EH: All things music!

My fashion hate...

EH: Gold and silver jewellery mixed together.


If I could be anyone, it would be...

EH: Beyoncé!

Secret hiding place...

EH: Under my blanket.

Beauty tip...

RS: Less is more, it's simple but effective. In all aspects of beauty whether it be clothes, makeup, hair you name it.

Ultimate fashion fantasy...

RS: A rotating wardrobe like the one in Clueless.

One item I can't live without...

RS: My facial cleanser and skin products, it is so important to look after your skin.

Biggest fashion regret...

RS: I got a bit overzealous with the tweezers and ended up plucking one hair too many out of my eye brows... safe to say I looked like a hairless cat.

Biggest splurge...

RS: Makeup and food, I can't control myself in a makeup store... and a girl’s gotta eat.


Tell us about the epiphany moment when you decided to follow your dreams and pave your own journey?

CH: It was early on in high school. I had competed in a local talent show and one of the judges I really admired came up to me and said, “I don’t know why, but I had this overwhelming feeling I needed to tell you this; Don’t ever give up singing, because the universe has something special planned for you.” And that heavily impacted my drive to follow my musical dreams ever since.

What’s the most rewarding thing about following your passion?

CH: Getting videos sent to us of our friends or people who like our music. They would be jamming out in a car to our song on the radio or in their room, and seeing the smile on their faces and the way our music can make people genuinely happy and have a good time is unreal. It just makes me so happy that what we have created can touch people in such a positive way.

What is it like working in an all girl band?

CH: It’s awesome! It doesn’t feel like work at all because we love what we do so much it’s kind of like a holiday when we get together to record and perform and make our videos. Getting to share the whole experience of breaking into the music business together as a group is amazing. And the best thing? We get to share each other’s clothes! Wardrobe just increased x 3!

How did Mischief start?

EH: Well, it was a dark and stormy night and we were lost in the woods.... No, honestly it was one of those moments that no-one expected. We met at an audition for an online media project we were interested in. The project didn’t end up going ahead but we knew we had this amazing connection, so we stayed in touch and started working up ideas for the group and Mischief was born!

Who inspires you and why?

EH: One of my biggest inspirations is Beyoncé. I am so inspired by her as she is not only incredibly talented but her work ethic is of such a high standard. It blows my mind!

How do you handle social media negativity and hate?

EH: I believe anyone who has something negative to say isn't worth listening to and for that reason I just ignore, ignore, ignore! That's my mantra.

What advice would you give our readers who are wanting to follow their dreams?

EH: I think we tend to doubt our dreams and our value when we compare ourselves to other people who look like ‘overnight’ success stories. You can have an amazing dream and more talent than anyone, but I promise you...the most important thing to get you through is absolute determination. You need to work hard and believe in your dream every single day, even when the rest of the world thinks you’re crazy. I truly believe everyone has a talent or a gift to give the world, so remember to stay focused and to stop looking at everyone else... it’s not a competition. Be supportive and help others with their dreams too... It’s good Karma!

What's your favourite thing about being in a girl band?

RS: Getting to work with your best friends every day. We are always there for each other and support and encourage one another. I know lots of solo artists out there and the journey can be really lonely for them. We get to share all the little victories as well as the big moments but we’re also there to hold each other up when life gets hard and when we have to dig deep and believe in our dreams more than ever. We’re very lucky!

What's the hardest thing about being in a girl band?

RS: It’s tricky sometimes to get thrown into a very generic box that says “Girl Band”. People tend to have this pre-conceived idea about who we are and judge us even before they’ve heard our music. But we are paving our own way and recording songs that we’re really proud of and that so many people can relate to. So yeah, we want to break that ‘girl group’ mould a bit!

What does the creative process involve from start to finish?

RS: It’s all about the music. How we connect and how our music makes people feel. We have an insanely talented team and we all work together really well. When we are in the studio we laugh so much our faces hurt for days! After that, it gets even crazier. We work up ideas for music videos and what we want to create. As an independent group, we can take more risks and just get out there with a camera and film what we want so that’s cool. We’ve also been able to work with some great directors, producers and stylists, so it’s a huge team effort from start to finish.

What's next for Mischief?

RS: 2017 is going to be EPIC! We were so happy that iHeart Radio included Mischief in their top 5 artists to watch in 2017! We’re back in studio to record 2 new songs and will be releasing our debut EP in April. Then it’s on the road to perform and promote the album around Australia. We can’t wait!