I do propose: the perfect sartorial look


Love month is officially upon us. Valentine’s Day. Proposals looming, wedding season. I am pretty sure the fear of God is starting to set in, with many men thinking, ‘Can I do this? Will she say yes? How can I make this perfect? What do I wear?’

Having styled many sartorial looks for proposals and wedding for the custom menswear and style company, George & King, I can lend some advice.

Can I do this?

Quick answer, yes of course you can. Now man up!

Will she say yes?

Probably, I cannot promise such things. Soz.

How can i make this perfect?

There are so many articles out there dictating how one should propose. At a restaurant? Or on the top of a mountain, whilst it is snowing and there are fireworks spelling out her name, a violinist and champagne being poured while you ride up on a horse then get down on bended knee with a diamond ring.

My recommendation is to make it personal.

You do not have to go overboard to ensure the perfect proposal. It just has to be special to you and the person you are asking to spend the rest of your life with.
Think about your partner, what is important to them? Are there any specific places in which memories have been formed throughout your relationship? They can be funny or romantic, the first time you said I love you, the first trip you went on. It does not matter where the proposal takes place. What matters is that it means something to both of you and will be remembered forever.

Proposing is a very nerve wracking experience; one you cannot understand until you do it. Keep it simple and romantic. That way you will not have to concern yourself with external factors that are out of your control. Your partner will be ecstatically happy no matter how you propose. All of the weddings that I have styled are based around the dynamic of the relationship. The theme, look of the ceremony and reception is centred around the couple’s personalities and loves and that is how you should start your journey towards marriage.

What do I wear?

Depending on the event, your outfit is key. Remember there will be a camera.

The scenic proposal

Thinking of popping the question this Valentine's Day? Here's what you should wear.

The beach proposal, the picnic proposal, the park proposal, the hinterland proposal- they all have something in common; be at one with nature. I recommend pleated pants and a shirt, sleeves rolled up with loafers or espidrilles, as seen in Ralph Laurens SS17 Purple Label showcase. Feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Pleated trouser suits offer airy comfort, ensuring you look smart, yet relaxed, almost nonchalant so your partner will never guess what is going on. Classy yet effortless.

The up-market proposal

Thinking of popping the question this Valentine's Day? Here's what you should wear.

The fancy restaurant, rooftop or concert hall proposal. Going up-market with your proposal? Ensure you dress the part. I am by no means suggesting full dinner suit. Think sophisticated, think stripes. When people say pinstripe a connotation of the poor old man suit comes to mind. Yet, the Pinstripe has changed. Now available in almost any colour. Change up your style with a double breasted or mix with a neon accessory, and for the brave a silk shirt.

Going all out

Thinking of popping the question this Valentine's Day? Here's what you should wear.

Jetting off to Paris? Hiring a private island? Planning a 5 star spa retreat and booking out the entire hotel? Then you must go all out with your attire. Make it memorable, step away from the norm, shock, surprise and scintillate. A luxe print, velvet jacket and embossed detailing.

One does not need to spend a small fortune on creating these looks. George & Kings style concierge team are here to dress you for your proposal day. Pop into our showroom today to build your own personal sartorial creation from our range of fabrics and styles. We always make it personal.

Words: Hannah Croly