How to stay classy at the races


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Race Day is one of the most anticipated days of the year. Bubbly is flowing, you’re feeling gorgeous, you’re being a social butterfly and you’re hopefully winning a few bets too. However, more often than not, this glamour can be easily skewed thanks to a few too many champagnes, and before you know it you’re stumbling around the track. We have put together some of our best (and learnt) advice to avoid looking like a drunk girl at the races.

1. Play by the Racewear rules.
Race day was created to be a classy event. Keep your modesty intact and keep your dress length to below the knee. Elegance can be sexy too! That brings us to our next rule...

2. We’re not at a club, no plunging necklines.
We repeat, modesty can be sexy too!

3. Wear comfortable shoes.
Avoid being the classic race day drunk girl, walking with heels in hand after a long day of losing bets. Ensure your heels are broken in (and that you can actually walk in them) before race day.

4. Drink water.
We hate to sound like everyone’s Mum, but the key to staying classy at any event is to pace yourself with water between drinks. You’ll thank us tomorrow when you’re hangover isn’t from hell.

5. Know your limits.
This relates to your champagnes, the amount of horses you're betting on, and even the dodgy spray tan the day before!

6. If you’re going trackside wear wedges or a chunky heel.
There’s nothing worse than the feeling of your stilettos sinking in the grass. Wear appropriate footwear, or if you can’t bear to part from your heels be prepared with a high heel protector.

7. Slip, slop, slap.
Again we hate to sound like everyone’s Mum, but sunburnt shoulders do not suit any dress!

8. Avoid White
Hide any red wine or grass stains and stay well away from white. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

9. Be prepared
If you’re lucky enough to be in Melbourne for the big day, always be prepared for any snap weather change. Just because it’s glorious and sunny in the morning doesn’t mean it won’t pour in the afternoon. Be sure to pack a small umbrella because that newspaper page won’t keep you dry!