How to perfectly style your cardigan

Why the often overlooked piece should become your showstopper!

I love my cardigans. They’re practical, comfortable and go with pretty much anything. But sometimes I feel like my cardi is simply hanging off my shoulders undermining the rest of my outfit.

I want a ‘hey I love your cardigan!’ reaction from people, not a ‘can I borrow your cardi? I’m a bit cold.’ It’s time to make cardigans a statement part of your outfit, and here’s how!

1. Long cardigans

Being vertically challenged means I haven’t ever been able to flaunt this look, but girl if you can, go for it! My fave tones for long cardigans are light grey, grey and greyer! But tan, deep reds and shades of green are fabulous too! Pair your cardi with ripped skinny black jeans, a basic T and heeled boots for a casual but classic look, or dress it up with printed slacks, a button-up shirt and a bold necklace. The styling opportunities are endless!

2. Printed cardigans

Jazz up any look with a fun, printed cardigan. From spots to stripes, floral to banana prints, you can pretty much find anything out there! My favourite thing about printed cardi’s is you can find some gorgeous pieces out there that suit your style and personality. Discover some real steals at op shops, or even look in your grandmothers wardrobe, I own about three vintage cardigans from her that are totally unique! And super trendy may I add…

3. Coloured cardigans

If you’re ever having one of those moments when you just feel like your OOTD is bland, add some spice by wearing a coloured cardi! I’m a sucker for simple outfits, but sometimes having a bit of fun with your style is well, fun. Coloured cardigans match perfectly with blue denim jeans, button up skirts, high neck tops or even pair it with your favourite shirt and sneaker combo.

Why the often overlooked piece should become your showstopper!

4. Cardigans with buttons

Make a seriously sassy statement by wearing a cardigan with buttons! I don’t mean just the little basic buttons, (although they are gorgeous too!) I’m talking about buttons with a bit of individuality! From toggle buttons, to thick printed buttons to flower buttons- you really can’t go wrong! You can choose to make this look super chic by adding basic prints and some classic heels to work the ‘sophisticated’ vibe, or you could roll with the ‘fun’ theme and wear a colourful belt and your favourite bright shade of lipstick. Wear those buttons how you want girl, you do you.

5. Tassel Cardigans

I know that tassels can sometimes feel a little ‘Cowboys vs Indians’, but style it right and it will become a perfect go to look! Whether you choose to wear a printed or plain toned tassel cardi, the trick is to pair your look with ripped jeans or skinny black jeans and a gorgeous pair of detailed heels or boots. I would even add a textured hat for some extra flair! Go hard or go home, right?

So no longer will you be throwing your cardigan at the bottom of your handbag for when you’re feeling a lil chilly, but you can finally wear it with pride! Find a cardi (or a collection of them) that are perfect for your style and make you feel amazing every time you wear it! Can it be cardi weather already please?

Words: Grace Holgate