How to easily make your boobs look bigger

Emphasise what you've got with these tips

Unless you’re Kate Upton’s body double, chances are you’ve wished you could make your boobs look bigger at some point. If you are looking to voluptuously fill out those busty tops, we have some "not so sneaky tips" to to enhance your assets. 

Chicken fillets

Every woman’s secret weapon: the chicken fillets. Pop a set of these into your bra and appreciate the boost. They’re great for taking up some extra room in tops that gape a little at the chest. Hot tip: tuck them under your boobs and slightly to the side, in order to push your girls up and together for some extra cleavage.


Yeah, contouring your boobs is a thing. Use some bronzer to enhance the curve of your cleavage and create the illusion of larger boobs. Hot tips: continue the line of bronzer down between your boobs, to create shadow and make it look more realistic. Don’t curve the contour lines around too much or it will either look very fake or like your boobs are really far apart! Start light and build up.

Halter tops

A halter-neck top is your new best friend! Make sure the straps come from the outer edge of the top, not the centre of your breastbone, as this won’t provide much support. Opt for a straight across or sweetheart neckline and watch as your boobs are lifted and pushed together.


Bustier tops and bodysuits are great for boosting your bust, as they tend to be more structured and supportive than a normal strapless top.


So a push up bra is the obvious choice for anyone wanting to get some lift but padding can be a favourite in various bra styles. You can get padded sports bras and bikini tops, so you don’t lose your curves when working out or swimming.

Stick-on bra

These don’t usually provide much of a boost – they’re really there to keep your shape in backless dresses. But if you want some extra va va voom, stick the cups a little farther out on your boobs and when you clip the halves together, you get instant cleavage!

For an extra boost

Regardless if you are wearing a push up bra, water bra, chicken fillets or even a bustier, we leave you with one last tip to get the best boost while you are out and slaying: stand up straight in your outfit. Bend forward and reach into your bra, scooping your boobs up on top of the padding and in towards each other. They’ll be sitting up, perky and perfect. Just don’t do this readjustment in public! 

Words: Hanna Sloan