How to look after your shoe collection

Are you obsessed with all things shoes, yet unsure how to look after them properly?

If there’s one thing we are totally obsessed with it’s our shoes. From heels, mules to sandals, whatever the style we are infatuated! TBH, shoes complete an outfit and can change your look from being basic to incredible with just a good pair of heels. So, while we aren’t ashamed to admit we have a shoe-drobe to envy Carrie Bradshaw, what we do sometimes struggle with is how to properly look after our most prized possessions.

Yet fear not! These amazing tips from Mister Minit will keep all your pairs in tip top condition. After all, we all have to protect our assets, don’t we?

Pointed heels and flats

Single soled shoes wear more than a platform so apply an anti-slip sole just after purchase to prolong the life of your shoes and deliver extra comfort. This means you can run from the office to after work drinks in comfort! If your toe piece is looking a little worse for wear and has become scuffed and worn, it can easily be replaced at Mister Minit.



One of the most coveted trends for summer, we can guarantee these styles will be your ‘go-to’ throughout the season. If your mules are made out of leather, be sure to purchase a leather conditioner to nourish your leather mules and keep them looking fresh. Ensure your satin and suede mules are protected from the elements by using a shoe cleaner and stain proofer. Continue to waterproof shoes on a regular basis to protect from dirt, grime, spills and stains. To prolong their life, ensure to store your mules in a box or dust bag to prevent them from being knocked around.


Here’s yet another shoe trend that a few years ago fashionistas wouldn’t be caught in. To look after these comfy pairs, ensure that you always use a spray to keep them smelling fresh. As you wear your sneakers ensure that the laces are always looking on point by replacing them ever few months.


These bad boys have been around for a few years now, but their style cred definitely isn’t going anywhere this season! To protect these styles always undo the buckles to prevent the leather, suede and elastics stretching and breaking. If you’re bringing back an older shoe this Summer, use Mister Minit’s Suede and Nubuck Mousse and a suede brush to help lift off dirt. Continue to waterproof shoes on a regular basis to protect from grime, spills and stains.


Block heels

It’s no secret that we love our chunky block heels. Look after styles in suede by using a pigmented product to keep the material in tip top condition. If you tend to alternate between two pairs of shoes invest in some TLC either at home or with a professional. Mister Minit’s Shoe Revival Package will bring your favourite shoes back to life and include a clean, buff, polish, waterproofing and deodorising! What more could you want?

With these tips we ensure you’ll step out in style throughout the season.

Words: Jade Sardon.

Thanks to our friends at Mister Minit for their expert tips.