How to Keep a Suit Fresh While You Travel

From that you'll be able to pack it with more care. Heavy woolen suits are not very likely to wrinkle, but lighter woolen, or linen suits wrinkle very easily. These suits need to be packed more delicately than heavier suits.

To Garment Bag, or Not

It is your choice whether you want to purchase a garment bag or not. If you are travelling with several suits, and your work involves a lot of travel, it might be a good investment. While it may not ensure that your clothes stay completely wrinkle-free, it will protect you from unsightly stains. Accidents will always happen, after all! 

Next are the steps on how to fold your suit to keep it-wrinkle free while you travel.

Fold, Pack, Enjoy

By folding your suit inside out you can protect the outside lining, as well as the pants.

Step 1: Fold the jacket in half, lengthwise, so that the shoulders are together.

Step 2: Open one side of the jacket and pull one shoulder over the other, so that now the jacket is inside out, but still lengthways.

Step 3: Fold the inside out jacket in half.

Step 4: Fold the pants into quarters and place them in the middle of the folded jacket.A folded inside out jacket makes your suit its own protection unit. To be on the safe side, fold all your suits inside out, no matter what fabric they're made of.

Avoid Wrinkles, Plan Ahead

Suits are delicate, so there's no way to avoid wrinkles all together. To stay fresh during travel, take the logistics and practicalities into account. Are you travelling by plane, or car? Will your trip last a day, or are you travelling for an extended time? Are you travelling for a short trip by plane and need to head to a meeting right away? If so wear your suit on the plane, but pack your jacket inside out as mentioned above. If your trip is longer, fold your suit inside out and pack in your luggage; when you arrive at your destination hang your suit immediately so that the wrinkles can fall out.The way you travel with your suit all depends on the type of suit, and your travel itinerary. Plan ahead so that you can keep your suit looking fresh during your entire trip.

Do you have any tips on how to best travel with a suit? Are you on the hunt for a new piece for your wardrobe? Head over to a clothing retailer such as Politix to find your next new suit – when it comes to the world of business, you have to dress to impress!

 How to keep a Suit Fresh while you Travel

How to keep a Suit Fresh while you Travel 

How to keep a Suit Fresh while you Travel