How to incorporate the 1970s trend into your existing wardrobe

Trends come and go and this Spring/Summer it’s all about the 1970s. Think flares, tassels and suede. While the trend is fun and exciting, there can be a fine line between pops of on trend 70s pieces, and looking like you’ve just returned from Woodstock (not that it’s a bad thing, fashion is all about individuality of course!) So on that note, here is how you can incorporate the 1970s trend into your existing wardrobe.

Pair flares with a crisp white blouse for an updated, 1970s look


Flared jeans in deep indigo tones are set to be all the rage this season, with the trend also being translated through classic chic jumpsuits and office pants with flared bottoms. Pair with a crisp white blouse tucked into the front of jeans for an off-duty look, or with black work pants for a trendy, elegant outfit for the office. Pair a flared jumpsuit with your favourite bright stilettos for a night of cocktails with the girls.

Belle sleeves are your new best friend


Belle sleaves are another way that flares are being translated, and come in the form of blouses, crops, and on maxi dresses for maximum 1970s style. Pair with your leather or lace pencil skirt (lace is set to be huge this S/S) from last season for an updated look, or even with skinny jeans (flares are optional) with sandals for a casual outfit, or heels for the night.

Suede is here to stay


Suede has been making an appearance in our favourite retail stores for quite a while, and this season will be no different. Camel toned suede will be especially popular, and will be translated through A-line skirts, jackets and even crop tops. If you already have a suede A-line skirt from last season, pair with a patterned or white belle sleave blouse, or wear a suede jacket with denim shorts for a look perfect for a summer BBQ.

Fringing galore


Fringing will be seen everywhere from suede tasselled jackets, amazing fringed leather skirts, and of course purses and backpacks. Pair statement pieces with a chic white tee, flats and a big floppy hat for extra 70s vibe. If the idea of statement, fringed pieces is too intimidating for you, start by incorporating a fringed purse into your outfit. It will add an element of on trend texture without being too over the top.

Most importantly, have fun with your wardrobe this season. The 70s was all about self-expression, and with all the transitional 70s inspired pieces out there at the moment, you will be sure to find styles that can be easily, and stylishly, incorporated into your existing wardrobe.

Words: Jessica Lunan