How to glamorously survive your festive celebrations


With the festive season comes the much anticipated Christmas and New Year’s Eve Parties, either held by your colleagues or your friends. Whilst it’s always fun letting you hair down and dressing up, more often than not it’s easy to get carried away and become a little too merry in your celebrations. These tips will ensure you maintain your fabulousness and avoid being the Bridget Jones at your festivities this season.

1. Ensure you have picked an outfit that you feel absolutely gorgeous in.

Sometimes Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties can bring out our inner Fashionzilla (the equal to the Bridezilla). At these events you are catching up with friends you haven’t seen for a while, or you are trying to impress work colleagues. The need to find the perfect outfit can be all consuming, or worse you become completely stressed because you haven’t found a party dress that is The One. Take a few deep breaths and choose your outfit based on styles you feel good in. After all, confidence is always sexy. If you’re still in doubt, a sparkly LBD is always perfect for a seasonal party.

2. Pace yourself with water

‘Tis the season for over indulgence, and it’s especially easy to have a few too many champagnes at your Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. By having water in between drinks you’ll supress your killer headache the next day, and you’ll also avoid taking over the karaoke and doing your best Beyoncé impersonations (you’ll thank us after).

3. Carry breath mints

You never know who you’ll speak to (or run into under the mistletoe) at your Christmas Party. Ensure all your conversations are minty fresh this season by popping breath mints into your clutch.

4. Prep your face

Christmas in Australia is hot, and mix that in with a room full of people, it’s easy for our makeup to melt off our faces if proper precautions aren’t put in place. Prep your skin with a primer for maximum foundation hold, and wear a sturdy waterproof mascara to avoid any running disasters.

5. Keep shine away

Bouncing off tip 4, make sure your makeup is fab all night long by carrying a powder for any shine emergencies.

6. Treat your toes

While your tallest stilettos always seems like a good idea at the beginning of the night, there is nothing glam about trying to painlessly walk to the taxi after a long night. Give yourself the gift of comfort and carry a pair of fold up flats with you. They are small enough to pop in your bag, and we can guarantee you’ll love yourself for it.