How to get ready for your end of year party

Here’s a list of tips and considerations you can take care of now, to make sure that your end of year events will go off without a hitch.

The festive season is upon us which mean Christmas parties and end of year work events. Whether you’re planning to attend a Christmas party, annual work party or are getting ready for New Years, it’s never too early to start making preparations!

Since most end of year parties are organised around the same time, you should plan in advance to ensure that you avoid unnecessary stress when it comes to the date of the party! Leaving your organisation to the last minute can cause disasters when it comes to getting ready or even during the party.

Here’s a list of tips and considerations you can take care of now, to make sure that your end of year events will go off without a hitch.

1. Rent your outfit

Purchasing an outfit for an event can be expensive, especially when you will likely only wear it once. Rather than splashing out on a designer dress for each party, you can rent your outfit. Sites like The Volte connect party-goers with dress owners who are renting out their outfits.

Renting is a cost-efficient alterative to purchasing as you are only paying for the time that you need the dress. On top of this, you won’t have to hoard another once-worn outfit! Dressing your best, especially at formal events, can help leave an impression on important guests, not to mention your Instagram feed.

2. Buy your gifts ahead of time

During the end of the year, especially around Christmas time, you may be involved with Kris Kringle or secret Santa events, and of course you will need to find your loved one a special present. Rather than buying last minute, take a day to organise a shopping trip to purchase all the gifts that you need. Make a list of who you will be gifting as well as the type of gifts and stores that will stock the item.

Online shopping is a great way to save yourself time and money. Take advantage of the sales in online retail stores, however, it’s important to consider shipping times so get your orders in early! Purchasing from a single website can also give you benefits of free shipping or receiving a free gift from purchasing over a set amount in your total purchase.

3. Do a little guest list stalk

If you have received an invitation to your end of year party via a Facebook event or a Google calendar invitation, use this opportunity to suss out the guest list. Being familiar with who will be attending the party can help you prepare for what you will be talking about. Is there anyone that you are familiar with? Is this an opportunity to make connections and possible leads at a work event? Do you need to be aware of your great aunt who always critiques on your fashion sense? You can also seek out guests who you can carpool and arrive with.

4. Dress for the occasion

Check out the event and the type of activities that will be involved. Depending on what you might do during your party, you may need to align your outfit choices accordingly. A beach or pool party will suit light and easy clothing where your swim wear can be worn underneath. If your party location is on a cruise or boat, opt for block heels, flats or sandals opposed to stilettos. If you are trekking through a vineyard, you might also swap the heels for a pair of stylish boots. If your event is a stand-up event where they are serving canapes rather than a sit-down dinner, opt for more comfortable footwear where you can stand for a long period of time.

5. Travel arrangements

One of the worst situations that can occur at a party is being the last one to leave and stranded at the venue without a ride home. Organise your method of transportation to and from the event before you leave home to take the stress out of the occasion.

Will you be taking public transport, catching a taxi, ride share service or getting picked up and dropped off by a friend or family member? Being prepared ensures that you arrive on time and avoid getting lost on the day of your event.

Being prepared will help you fully enjoy your time at the party. You’ve had a big year, worked hard and now it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy your night.