How to find your unique personal style

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Wouldn't it be fabulous to never struggle to find something to wear everyday. Imagine what it would be like to open your wardrobe and know that everything you owned looked amazing on you. Wouldn't it be nice to go out in public and have random strangers compliment you and ask where you shop.

Well, that’s what it’s like when you embrace your unique personal style.

The key is knowing exactly what styles are for you, what expresses your authentic energy and what gives people the right first impression. This positive attitude will empower you to shine!

Are you beginning to see how important this is?

I’m about to tell you how you can discover your personal style. But first the question must be raised, "Do you listen to what others tell you to wear?" "Do you compare yourself to your friends and do you worry about what people think of you?"

If you said yes to any of those things, then it's time to let go of those insecurities. The key to finding your own style is saying goodbye to everyone else’s idea of style. You have to let go of wanting to be like anyone else. This is about you and only you.

Here are my top tips for finding your unique personal style and making it your competitive advantage:

1. Know yourself and what makes you come alive
Fast fashion trends are for followers. But if you are reading this then you are a leader. And the best way a leader can lead, is to know herself. The way you can stay ahead of the pack is to understand who you are and what sets your soul on fire. Ask yourself the following questions to start the process of self-inquiry:

-When do I feel most alive?
-What impression do I want to give people when they meet me for the first time?
-What energy do I want to exude?
-What colours and patterns do I love?
-What is my favourite fashion era?
-If I could inherit a celebrity’s wardrobe, whose would it be and what do I love about it most?

Collect inspiration on your Pinterest account and begin to storyboard styles that you are obsessed with and dream of wearing.

2. Shop where other people don’t
By using the knowledge of self discovery, know that it's now time to explore alternative and independent boutiques to shop your new wardrobe. This means experimenting by popping intoyour cities best kept secrets! You'll be able to find many one-off treasures by simply stepping out of your comfort zone and playing with fashion. Make sure you add an array of brands to your wardrobe list from malls or department stores, along with discovering your new favourite thrift or vintage shop. Emering designers always have some truly special pieces and they can be found at the local fashion markets or even local boutiques.

3. Be memorable
Standing out in the crowd means you can’t look like everybody else! And you’ll be surprised who notices. I’ve had CEO’s and even a world famous writer approach me to compliment my outfit, because I didn’t fit in to the standard ‘uniform’ most people wear. Making fashion fun, bright, but still appropriate for the environment means you will be remembered for all the right reasons – especially if you follow the final tip below.

4. Own it! Have confidence you Rock Star!
The final and most important part of unique style is having the confidence to ‘OWN IT’. It is not your problem if other people don’t like what you are wearing. But it is your responsibility to ignore them. Confidence precedes the actual clothing every time. By standing tall, making eye contact and smiling genuinely at people, you will leave a lasting positive impression on everyone you meet.

Words: Stacey Brown


Contributor Bio
Stacey Brown is a Style and Confidence Coach, from Sydney. From the age of four, she found freedom and self-expression through clothing. Having studied Fashion Technology at TAFE and Fashion Immersion at world Top 10 Fashion College, the Paris Fashion Institute, Stacey has an eye for a unique bold style. Whilst working in various fashion roles over the last 18 years, she pursued her passion for contributing positively to the world, studying NLP and Coaching. Last year, she merged her experience in fashion with her drive to empower women to find the confidence to be unashamedly themselves and launched her business 'Fox Park'.