How to stay stylish and embrace your short stature

We are a vertically challenged team here at Fashion Weekly, and with the fashion industry being known for its amazingly tall models, we feel rather short at events. We know that we aren’t the only ones who feel this way, so we have compiled our top tips to help all our short-ladies embrace their stature and subtly elongate their figures.

Belts are your new best friend


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How often have you felt your body drowns in a shapeless maxi dress? Through accessorising your outfits with a belt you not only bring attention to the smallest area of your body, but the high waist gives the allusion of longer legs. Who doesn’t want that!

Embrace the 70s trend with high waists


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Through sporting high waisted skirts, shorts and jeans, it gives the allusion of a longer body and a higher waist. Wear with a stylish crop top, or sport the half-tuck trend for an instantly casual-chic look.

Play up proportions


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Midi skirts tend to be a constant no-no that many short women avoid. However, the art of pulling off a midi skirt all lies with the top you pair it with. Wear a V-neck tee or fitted top to elongate the top half of your body, allowing your body to look proportioned when wearing a longer skirt.

Embrace your heels


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One of the simplest tips for short girls to achieve some height is through wearing a pair of gorgeous, killer heals! A tip to give you the allusion of maximum height is through wearing a pair of chic nude heels to make your legs appear longer.

Single colour head to toe


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Through wearing a single block colour, the body is visually elongated and there is no variation in colour or pattern to highlight other areas of your figure.

Opt for shorter hemlines that your taller friends can’t wear


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One of the best things about having a small stature is that you hardly ever have to worry about a hemline being too short. By embracing a short hemline, especially a 60s inspired shift dress or an A-line skirt, your legs appear much longer than they actually are.

Micro bags


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Have you ever felt like that Mary Poppins would be envious of your enormous hand bag? Avoid the oversized bag trends and embrace a micro satchel. The size won’t overwhelm your frame, and satchels are set to big the biggest bag trend for the summer.

Pointed toe flat


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Do you want to easily elongate your legs and want to avoid heels at all costs? Wearing a pair of pointed toe flats will elongate your legs, and will spare you any unnecessary discomfort.