How to effortlessly dress for your shape

The secret to always looking and feeling amazing in every outfit is knowing how to dress for your specific body shape.

This guide will easily inform you on how to identify and dress for your body shape, ensuring you always feel confident, on-trend and ready to flaunt it!

Pear Shape

Jennifer Lopez outfits at award ceremonies

Think Jennifer Lopez.

You have a busty bottom half, and your goal is to balance out your upper half to elongate your body.

To achieve this, work with pieces that skim over your hips, while drawing attention to your upper half. Off-the-shoulder dresses and embellished tops are perfect for drawing attention while balancing out your body.

For outerwear, opt for jackets with structured shoulders, or with an eye-catching print for added interest. A-line skirts are perfect for drawing attention to your waist, whilst gliding over your hips. Embrace the 70s trend and get yourself some flared jeans. The bell bottoms will proportion your hips, while opting for darker denim will add a flattering effect.


Kim Kardashian outfits body shape

Think Kim Kardashian.

Your bombshell figure is drawn in at the waist, while voluptuous in the chest and hips. Your goal is to highlight your tiny waist, while embracing your curves.

Kim Kardashians regular crop top and pencil skirt aesthetic is incredibly flattering for this body shape. The pencil skirt highlights the curve of your hips, while the crop top will accentuate your waist. Opt for dresses and jackets which tie at the waist as they perfectly flatter the hourglass shape. 


Nicole Kidman outfits ceremonies

Think Nicole Kidman.

You have an athletic build, with your shoulders being as wide as your hips, while your waist is slightly smaller than your hips. Your goal is to either embrace your natural shape and elongate your figure, or define your waist for a curvier shape.

If you want to elongate your natural shape, opt for straight, streamlined aesthetics, like a pair of skinny jeans and a long blazer. If you want to create a curvier aesthetic, wear fitted blazers with shoulder pads and a straight-cut dress and belt to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

Inverted Triangle

Kate Winslet outfits ceremonies

Think Kate Winslet.

You have broad shoulders and a big bust, with small hips. Your goal is to balance out the lower half of your body to create the illusion of bigger hips.

Opt for V-neck blouses and tops as the deep cut draws attention downwards towards the hips. Wear lighter shades on the bottom half of your body to create the illusion of proportion hips. Pleated garments with a defined waist will inch in at the waist, while the pleats will balance out the lower half of your body.

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