Instagram tips: How to edit your photos like a pro

The secret is out! Find out how you can edit your photos like a professional blogger!

How to edit your Instagram photos like a professional blogger

Are you hesitant to post photos to your Instagram because you feel as though they don't have the 'it' factor? Do you fear being shunned by the world of social media by not reaching the 100 like mark?

Wipe away those self(ie) destructing tears and look no further, we are here to update you on the weird and wonderful ways in which to edit your photos so they're worthy of the gram.

Step One: Lighting

Lighting is EVERYTHING. There is only so much editing can do to a poorly lit photo. Always stand in the way of the direct source of light, look around you and see where the sun is sitting in the sky or what direction the lights in your house are pointing. I think we can all agree the iphone flash feature isn't all that crash hot, so if you're out and about, make sure you download the app Camera Plus which feeds a constant flash towards your subject (like in a snapchat video) while you take the photo. Perfect!

Step Two: Now fix the lighting 

Adjust the brightness, contrast and temperature using Afterlight – this app is best for these minor details. You can also add cool vintage light leaks or frames if you’re into that kind of thing too. We recommend to keep it as simple as possible though, the trick is to edit but look as unedited as possible.

Step Three: Get editing

Time to whip out the almighty FaceTune, where girls can go from zero to hero all with the click of a few buttons. The features we love are smooth, details and whiten. Try not to go too crazy with this one though, you may end up damaging your self esteem. Focussing on enhancing the good not hiding the bad!

Step Four: Filters filters filters!

Opt for a consistent set of three or four filters that you use throughout all of your photos, to keep your Instagram aesthetic the same the whole way through. Our two favourite apps are VSCOCAM and PicFX. Make sure you don't use the filter at it's full strength, but rather lower the toggle to make it less intense (remember what we said before about making it 'look unedited').

Step Five: Complete

Upload in the plain square format, add a meaningful and or witty caption and hope for the best.

If you want to see some of these applications in action, beauty, fashion and lifestyle extraordinare Marianna Hewitt spills the beans on what it actually takes to get that perfect insta-shot that will rake in the likes.

So there you have it... If you stick to these editing tips, soon enough you'll rise to Instagram stardom before you know it.

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Words: Alex Scoffell