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When most of us think of denim, we associate it with a casual look for the weekend, or as a go-to staple to wear when heading out for a casual brunch. So when looking at how to dress up denim a few factors come to mind. First of all, because of the casual connotation it has in fashion, we must use this as a focal point when styling an outfit with denim. In order to make it look sexy or have that dressed up feel, we need to work from the initial piece whether it be a denim jean, jacket, shirt, skirt or short – use this is the base and then let the transformation begin.

Firstly, it all depends on the shade of denim you are wearing, preferably the darker the denim, the more it is going to dress up your outfit. So opt out for a darker blue or even a black pair of jeans to start out with. Secondly, make sure the top you choose is a bit dressy - a nice silk Georgette shirt/top will do the trick and this will be the perfect canvas against your statement accessories.

How to dress up denim

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Style tip: Think a pair of dark denim jeans with a black or white silk shirt, colourful accessories, and a classic silhouette stiletto.

When wearing a denim shirt team it with a classic cigarette pant or even a culotte short. Work this look with a chunky heel and a few accessories. To individualise your look - layer your pieces by adding a vest, blazer or even an oversized coat.

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An all denim outfit can work depending on the style but you have to be careful. A lot of designers usually break up their denim pieces with contrasting fabrics – this does wonders and breaks up the look of denim-on-denim. So, search for denim dresses with contrasting sleeves or search for a skirt with a unique fabric detail. Always remember to team it up with a few accessories and a gorgeous pair of stilettoes and wa-la! You have the perfect dressed up denim style.