How to choose the right frame for your face


There’s nothing worse than when I’m out shopping for the perfect pair of sunnies and can’t for the life of me find a pair that fit. They’re always too big, too pointy or just utterly outrageous. I have been wearing the same pair of sunnies for almost three years and although they only put me out $5 financially, I refuse to buy a new pair because I never want to relive the terror of trying on sunglasses that don’t fit my face.

While I may have PTSD (Post Traumatic Sunglass Disappointment), there’s an easy solution to this problem. By figuring out what face ‘shape’ you have, you will easily be able to determine the right shades for you!

Round Face:


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Angles are your new BFF. To compliment your curves, accentuate with big bold angles. Find a frame that is wider than your cheek bones and look out for wayfarer and cat eye frames.

Square Face:


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With your strong horizontal jaw line and square chin, opt for oval and round frames to soften and balance the sharpness. Definitely hunt down a pair with thin frames and look for the classic pilot and butterfly styles. Your angled frame will mean you can effortlessly flaunt this look.

Oval Face:


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Having an oval shaped face means you have some serious perks- you can pretty much rock any style! Frames that have a rectangular shape really help to balance out the vertical shape of your face but in saying that, you can experiment with multiple looks! So weather you’re heading to the beach or a day on the town, find a pair of sunnies that make your outfit and your face pop!

Heart Face:

A heart shaped face normally means you have a chin that is narrower than your brow line. If you’re wearing your favourite shade of lipstick, you probably want to direct attention downwards right? Find a pair you heart (pun intended) by choosing a round, rectangular or even cat eye style to bring homage to your frame.

Diamond Face:


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With your narrow eye line and jawline and broader cheekbones, you need to find a pair of sunnies that will help you shine bright like a diamond (#sopunny). Cat eye frames are queen for your shape, but look out for other top-heavy frames with detailing around the brow line. Avoid narrow frames such as aviators as this will draw attention to your eye line, but don’t stress, cat eye and butterfly frames are a must have accessory for this season!

You might be thinking, ‘I have no idea what my frame is!’ or ‘I feel like I’m a mix between diamond and oval?’ But do not fear my friend. If you’re still a bit confused about which pair is right for you then experiment! If you feel like you’re face is boarder line between two shapes, look for the styles that are right for both and then find your perfect pair.

There is no longer a need to be afraid of finding the right pair, the next time you’re on a sunglasses hunt, you’ll know exactly how to look for your new addition!

Words: Grace Holgate