How to buy the perfect suit with George & King

A staple every man needs in their closet.

If there’s one item every man needs in their wardrobe it’s a fitted suit. Yet finding the perfect style that fits you just right and suits your style can be tricky. We sat down with the designers at George & King, Brisbane’s custom suit experts, to talk finding the perfect suit, the menswear trends for the season and how you can learn to love shopping (shocking, we know).

What would be your top 3 tips for men who hate shopping?

G&K: 1. Firstly and obviously, get a custom suit made with us. Meet with a stylist who will suggest the look you go for. The fabrics, the cut etc. You will have the perfect look for you created in less than an hour. We keep your measurements on your profile and you can choose from our ready to wear collection in the future and everything will be delivered to your work/home and you know you will be happy.

2. Go to a large well stocked department store that have everything you need for the event you are shopping for – everything is in one place. You can go in, purchase and you are out having a beer in no time.

3. Take your wife or girlfriend. They will help you make decisions – or tell you what to buy.

What's your top tip to avoiding the annoying sales assistant?

G&K: Pretend you are a shopping professional. Inform the person that you are just browsing when they ask how you are doing and will ask for help when needed. If that fails avoid eye contact at all costs.

What's the secret to finding the perfect suit?

G&K: Meet with our trained stylists who will talk you through colour options and suit customisations to fit you. They will then take your measurements for the made-to-measure suit.

How can you tell if a suit doesn't properly fit the client?

G&K: The shoulders will often pucker at the sides meaning the shoulders are too big, the vent at the back of the jacket will stick out and not lie flat if the waist is too small. There will be a small X across the front of the stomach if the suit is too small and a large gape if big. The secret to a well-fitting suit is you should be able to fit just too fingers down the front of the first button, the lapel should lie flat and the suit jacket will come to the bottom of your buttocks.

What are the essentials items every man should have in his closet?

G&K: A great pair of polished black shoes. A well-fitting navy suit, well-fitting crisp white shirt, plain white tee and a well-made sports jacket in a taupe or navy.

A staple every man needs in their closet.

What's summer's biggest menswear trend?

G&K: Grey on grey. Layering different tones of grey in a suit look. The two tone suits (blue jacket, cream chinos) is a bit done now so to stay fresh men need to mix and match tonal colours. Whether with a chino or suit pants and a sports jacket. Short suits with short sleeve shirts are also a must for SS16.

What advice would you give someone who's trying to discover their personal style?

G&K: What colours are you drawn to? What do you feel most comfortable in? Fashion is as much about personality as it is about body type. There is no point trying to fit a square in a round hole. Personal style doesn’t have to be about catwalk looks or high end brands. It is about projecting yourself to the world. When styling men for a suit always start with the basics a plain fabric, whether it be a suit or shirt. Then slowly push the boundaries with a pattern, a check or a stripe until they find something they are happy with. Finding their style for men can often be daunting as traditionally fashion was associated with women. However, now more than ever men are stepping forward in the fashion world and are owning their personal identity and style.

What's the one fashion rule that should never be broken?

G&K: Without sounding pretentious I don’t think there are any rules any more. People are pushing boundaries like wearing socks with sandals and pairing blue with green. My one fashion rule not to be broken is wear items that fit you and never over the age of 16 wear low hanging pants.

How should our readers prioritise wardrobe updates when they're on a budget?

G&K: Think about a capsule wardrobe, items that will go together. Buy colours that are versatile. Navy, cream, light grey. Always have a good fitting crisp white shirt and a pair of brown shoes. You don’t need to buy a lot of clothing, but what you buy ensure it is quality, durable and items that will mix and match. Quality over quantity always applies.

Which do you recommend - shopping online or in-store and why?

G&K: Coming to the showroom with us for your first appointment is a must. Not only do you get to talk to a personal stylist who will talk you through different looks and cuts and recommend the right style. You can look at the fabrics and feel them, see them in the light and ask questions about the custom suit process. After the first suit is made, shopping online is more convenient if you like a suit that is in our ready to wear collection. The bonus is when you order it you know it will be perfect.

To obtain your own customized suit, be sure to visit George & King in store or online.