How to shop like a pro and be stylish on a budget

The tips and trick on how to shop like a pro and look like a million bucks (without paying it!).

The tips and trick on how to shop like a pro and be stylish on a budget.

Keeping up with every latest fashion trend can be exhausting (on both your mind and your wallet!) It's virtually impossible to own every single on trend piece. Trends change as quickly as our Aussie 'winter' weather and we understand that staying stylish can sometimes seem expensive.

We can all safely but bashfully admit to that drawer filled with old accessories that we just know that we'll never wear again – those pieces that make is go, "what was I thinking"!

While splurging on one or two statement pieces won't break the bank, we all know too well that season after season it tends to all add up.

Stuck for ideas on how to look your best on a budget? Read on and discover exactly how to exude style, without dipping into your savings.

The tips and trick on how to shop like a pro for shopaholics.

Back to the basics

Get yourself some wardrobe essentials. We're talking a good pair of jeans, a leather jacket and an array of tees. Stick to neutral tones for maximum wearability. There is no need to spend a lot on these pieces, but aim for a decent quality product so you're not constantly replacing them.

Shop smart and invest in quality

Whether it's on yours wish-list or a reward for kicking goals at the office, save up and invest in one or two amazing additions. Buy yourself those black Chloe ankle boots you've been lusting over for months, or that Chanel tote that you've always dreamt of, don't hesitate to spend big (occasionally) on a few, simple, designer staples. Opt for items that will work best with your array of usual outfits and pieces that you know will never go out of style. Think about cost per wear when it comes to investing in quality wardrobe pieces.

On trend outfit toppers

Now that you've got your basics, you can simply update your style and stay on trend with a simple finishing touch. Head on down to your nearest chain store or affordable boutique (whether it be major players such as H&M, Zara and Topshop, or smaller stores such as Dissh and Collete), and grab yourself the latest on trend pieces and accessories at a great price. It could be as simply as adding a choker, a hat or a cuff, but this minor adjustment is guaranteed to take your outfit from simple to stylish in seconds.

Looking incredible doesn't have to cost you your weight in gold. There are easy and affordable ways to stay up to date each and every season. Your basics and classic designer additions will provide you with a flawless foundation for your ensemble, easily updated with trending pieces as required. Buy yourself these few, essential items and never feel out of style again!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis