Hashtag Australia: Unleash your inner Alpha Female

Get ready to push it beyond the limits with Hashtag Australia.

Let's be honest, kick-starting those fitness goals can be an intimidating feat. Many of us follow a multitude of #fitspiration Instagram accounts and have downloaded the latest workout programs to our iPads. But how many of us break into a cold sweat when stepping into the gym after a break? Yep, we know we’re not the only ones. In a bid to finally stick to our health goals, we’ve found the answer to help us look and feel confident when it's time to turn up the heat. Introducing Hashtag Australia, our new favourite activewear brand that will become your favourite wardrobe staple.

It’s no secret that we all feel ready to slay when we wear an amazing #OOTD, so why can’t it be the same for our active gear? Hashtag Australia is a new workout wear label who specialise in creating pieces that makes you feel incredible, motivated and ready to unleash your inner alpha female.

What we love about Hashtag Australia is that they understand the modern day woman. Their designs have been created by regular women who aren’t gym junkies but have a passion for staying fit and healthy. They know what it’s like to juggle careers, kids and a hectic social life, and because of this they’ve created a superior range that meets our exercise needs. Whether you’re after leggings, crop tops, caps or accessories, Hashtag Australia has you sorted!

Get ready to push it beyond the limits with Hashtag Australia.

The star players are by far their minimalistic Alpha Female leggings, flattering Mum Life pieces and the bold Competitor range. Spanning in size 6-16, these light-weight, durable leggings draws away sweat to ensure you’re feeling fresh while giving it your all. Their 4-way stretch allows the material to perfectly move with you during that HIIT Class or downward dog pose, and their light compression ensures you feel supported whatever the workout.

Plus, thanks to their flexibility, the material effortlessly shrinks and expands to perfectly contour your body. The legs can be rolled up or down for the right length and for any new mums out there, the waist sits high and doesn’t rub on any C-section scars.

What’s more, with their Afterpay option you have no excuse but to take the leap!

Start shopping your new activewear favourites today by visiting www.hashtagaustralia.com.au and follow them on Instagram.

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