Goddess of Babylon


If we were to find an Australian label more flatteringly feminine in style and essence it would be a hard job to accomplish. Goddess of Babylon proves not just to be a brand but a lifestyle, a bohemian globetrotting gypsy encompassing a feminine, sophisticated yet sexy elegance.

Goddess of Babylon is just about to release their AW 2013 collection. This season's collection includes rich earth tones, leather and suede's, organic cottons, detailed embellishments and some beautiful lace delicately thrown in.


Many of the pieces in the AW13 collection just like those of past collections embody a signature style that is hard to find within emerging Australian designers. Chantel's designs set a mood of longing to leave everything you know and set out on a journey where everything is in front of you leaving nothing behind you. Goddess of Babylon are setting their name in stone in the fashion industry both here and overseas with their part harem queen, part worldly traveller design ethic which in turn creates their signature relaxed glamour style.

Also take note each garment is handcrafted and not mass-produced, each piece is a limited edition to be cherished and valued.