Give Me Length

"I have an inner frustration in me that wants the message of hair extensions to come across. I guess I have been called, a bit passionate," she laughs.

Today, Stephanie runs a growing company specialising in new hair technologies, hair extensions and selected hair extension accessories.

Coming into its sixth year, Stephanie is the inspiration behind the Showpony logo, and says proudly that, "I believe in the brand, and I am putting my face to it."

"When we launched the brand, hair extensions weren't looked upon very highly." And it is with this driving force that she has developed a quality product for the creative industry.

"Our main focus with Showpony is to educate our salons to place extensions in a safe and correct manner. Education is the key. Clip in extensions can be put in by anyone and we have tutorials on YouTube for our consumers to watch. But to put tape extensions in safely is a completely different story."

"Hair extensions are not just about volume and length, they are about highlighting and filling in the gaps," she says.

Hair for a Long Time, Not Just a Good Time | ShowPony Hair

There is still a nasty misconception which lingers around hair extensions, and Showpony is determined to breakdown these myths.

Having a point of difference of consistent quality and education, it comes as no surprise that Showpony is leading the way in the hair industry.

With celebrity ambassadors on board, a team of sixteen employees and growing, and over 1200 clients, the numbers show that hair extensions are here to stay.

"Hair extensions are about helping people achieve their desired look. When a woman for example, starts to thin around the sides or lose her hair, it can be her worst nightmare, but with the option of hair extensions, now there is an easy solution to give back her confidence. Hair extensions change people's lives."

She says she has witnessed the smiles on people's faces when "the gaps have been filled" and fabulous hair is again their own. Showpony offers a range of clip in and permanent human hair and heat resistant synthetic hair extensions in a range of two tone colours. This provides an easy blend solution. So a diverse colour range and selection of products will ensure that there is something for almost everyone.

To my surprise, whilst sipping on a hot latte, Stephanie points out, "It's not for everyone and there will be sceptics but they have to open their eyes and realise that it is providing a solution for people and boosting their confidence."

She has a strength and passion within her that is irresistibly contagious. A risk-taker, female entrepreneur and hobby-surfer, this power woman is enthusiastically working hard to introduce her passion and brand to an international audience.

Hair for a Long Time, Not Just a Good Time | ShowPony Hair

Stephanie admits that no day is the same and that being her own boss, actually means she is a slave to her clients.

"Running a business is very challenging but also very rewarding."

"A work life balance is very important and without that I would probably be insane," she laughs.

"I run, or surf, or go to palates in the morning or afternoon. My days vary, but I am always working."

With the launch of a premium brand underway in October or November this year, there is no rest for Stephanie. She is dedicated to taking the brand internationally next year, and continues to build her core Showpony team, develop their education platforms and deliver education into TAFE's across Australia.

Download the Showpony app to find your nearest salon or phone 1800 233 386.

Hair for a Long Time, Not Just a Good Time | ShowPony Hair

Hair for a Long Time, Not Just a Good Time | ShowPony Hair

Former model and the founder of Showpony Hair, Stephanie Mason