Giorgio Armani gives a voice to today's women

Kate Blanchett for Giorgio Amarni

Women are fierce and fabulous creatures. We were born for greatness but sometimes our voices aren't heard.

Though many women have had the courage and audacity to embark on a new path, to choose the road less traveled and to blaze a new trail - many others have struggled to take a small step in a new direction.

But if we were to embrace a new mindset, ultimately we could alter our entire destination.

Thanks to Giorgio Armani, women around the world are being given a voice to say Sì.

Celebrated Australian actress Cate Blanchett, ambassadress for Giorgio Armani's fragrance Sì has started the conversation by saying Sì - which becomes a strategic moment when everything changes.

Discover the first 2 portraits of the Sì Women’s Circle below.


Helena Rizzo: Helena, a Brazilian woman living in Sao Paulo, was destined to work in architecture. However, she followed her passion into the culinary arts and now has her own restaurant. Voted Best Chef in 2014, she is delighted to have made the choice to listen to her heart.

Kee-Yoon Kim: Born in Berlin to Korean parents and living as an accomplished lawyer in Paris, one day Kee-Yoon decided to make her dream come true: to be a comedian, write a show, and go on stage.

For the Sì Women's Circle's first edition, 5 women from around the world, all of whom said "Sì", tell their life stories in 5 fascinating videos, to be found on the brand website, Youtube and social networks.