Get up, Dress up, Show up

Increasingly, we're noticing a shift towards trends of the 1960's, where a woman's wardrobe can help to influence her place in society, her role in the workplace and even her attraction in the grocery line. It might sound a bit like I'm suggesting a woman's appearance is all she has going for her and she'd better wear some heels or go home. Not so. Unlike the 60's era, a woman's attention to wardrobe detail is merely an accessory to her success. Never in 2015 will women get by on designer pieces, a clinched waist and a strong winged eyeliner game alone. She needs some poise, a strong education and a lot of willpower to get anywhere worth going – the clothes are just a support network.

 Get up, Dress up, Show up

That being said, the influence of the power dresser is never unnoticed and never overlooked. I can promise you, wear something with buttons, spend an extra five minutes perfecting your make-up and brave the stiletto and someone, somewhere, will notice. They'll appreciate you efforts, they'll notice your tastes and they'll know you're there for business. As a journalist in a country town, my (which was once a) city fashion industry wardrobe and shoe collection isn't quite understood. A Senior Sergeant at the police station once told me "you're all dressed up today". No Sir, I am dressed, not dressed-up, I told him. I am constantly told I "don't have to dress like that, jeans are ok in this office". One, jeans are never ok in any office, two, I take myself and my career seriously, and three, these shoes just helped get me a private interview with the Premier. Let me tell you ladies, never let anybody tell you "you don't have to dress like that". There is no such thing as over-dressed and you should never dress down in a work environment, regardless of the circumstances. That investment wardrobe was bought to be seen.

 Get up, Dress up, Show up

It goes to show, they may not understand but they notice and appreciate anyway. A strong wardrobe separates us from the crowd, it shows we take ourselves seriously, it says we care about how we're seen in society. And it goes further than we might think or even notice. Two women have exactly the same education, experience and work ethic but one is wearing ballet flats to the job interview. The one with the Italian leather bag and stilettoes gets the job. I've seen it happen and it works.

Beyond the office or social environment, power dressing works just as well in the home. The silk Simone Pirelle's and splash of Dior will definitely be appreciated in the bedroom but we can guarantee you won't be congratulated on your choices. At least not verbally.

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The six secrets to power dressing.
1: it's about what looks good on you, not the shortest and tightest thing in you wardrobe
2: learn to walk in those 6-inch stilettoes before you take to the footpath
3: don't rely on the clothes, use your head and heart in every-day situations
4: power dressing isn't a competition, it's a sisterhood
5: let the wardrobe do the talking, you do the thinking
6: a collar is always a good choice

This isn't about sexism or male and female roles. This is about taking pride in yourself and your appearance, taking your intentions seriously and knowing why you got out of bed in the morning.

Get up, dress up, show up.