Look Fierce and Feel Fierce with a Timeless Wardrobe

Add some Cue cashmere over a Zara blouse, all tucked into a Sheike pencil skirt with last season Kors on my arm and last (last) season Nicholas Kirkwoods on my feet. My outfit was by no means new season or top-shelf but my initial investment had me questioning my long-term asset plan – big time. I'm not bragging, I'm concerned.

That evening I added the value of the top-shelf of my shoerobe – five pairs came in at close to $5k and one of those was Tony Bianco so they're not the culprit. I know I'm not the only one who is known to splurge on a great pair of shoes, a well-crafted handbag or THAT dress for THAT event. And I hope I'm not the only one who is made to feel guilty about it. My friends, colleagues, family and sometimes even the shop assistant roll their eyes at my "excessive" purchase and I bet they too are questioning my long-term financial goals.


Well ladies, I'm here to tell you not to listen to those who don't understand the value of a good wardrobe, we don't need that kind of negativity in our lives. There is something about the $1400 shoes or Stefano leather bag – which is as pristine today as it was two seasons ago - which makes us feel wonderful, confident, complete and as though we are making the right life decisions.

I'm a big believer in excess does not equal success but I'm a bigger believer in excess, as a noun, can be subjective. I can promise ladies, for what we spend on our wardrobes, non-believers spend on other things. The men in our lives buy cars and parts to go with them, our colleagues go to orange stained musical festivals and our friends take their partners on a boring holiday to New South Wales. Sounds excessive doesn't it? Meanwhile, we're at home, at work or at lunch looking fierce and feeling fiercer.

Why should we be made to feel guilty about our financial and wardrobe decisions? We're not shallow, we're not vain but we do take pride in our appearance. Often self-assurance, poise and confidence is confused with an inflated ego but if we need to spend half a pay cheque on that must-have piece, why shouldn't we be proud to wear it? We paid for it! The only thing inflated here is the price on those new season Choo's.

For the record, those $90 knickers were worth every cent – oh the flossy flossy.