Futuristic Forecast

Nothing brightens up woollens and big pieces like an eye-catching print with a retro feel. Rich deep red, emerald green, and midnight blue have already been seen in the collections of Oscar De La Renta and Lanvin. Team with winter worthy black, brown and grey for a luxurious look.
Accessories will be plentiful and used to make a winter look fierce. Hats in all styles, chunky jewellery, feminine silk scarves and statement bags will make for a prominent and referenced winter season.

Time will only tell how designers interpret past and future trend forecasts. In the mean-time, have fun mixing up some trends! How exciting!


Model: Mollie Miles, Stylist: Amber at Asymmetric Style Studio, Photographer: Studio Flamingo


bra: COTTON-ON BODY, underpants: WE ARE SUBMARINE, black sheer dress: LOVELY GIRL
boots: TONY BIANCO, belt: VINTAGE, glasses: VINTAGE.