Bright Future: The Sustainable Fashion Collective

Take charge and become a style saviour with The Sustainable Fashion Collective.

When you read the word ‘fashion’ what's the first thing that comes to mind? Do you visualise a high profile runway show, Chanel bags or Valentino heels? Has designers and trendsetters inspired you to delve down your own style journey?

Fashion is at the forefront of the creative world that is being wonderfully explored and unpicked as it fearlessly influences our lifestyle. Yet, behind the seams there is a sad and dark truth. Fast fashion has many dreary consequences that are unspoken about and ultimately, overlooked.

The secret to unveiling these hidden realities is simply education. The Sustainable Fashion Collective is an Australian online learning platform who is adamant about helping you obtain your industry dreams, the right way. Whether you're wanting to find out more about a career within fashion or you're launching your own label, they will help you take the first steps to building a strong foundation for a successful, sustainable occupation.

It’s no secret that sustainability is the future, so swan dive into your humanitarian fate and select from two, completely different online course options. From these courses, you’ll gain knowledge in transforming the industry and aiding the people, planet and profits affected by unethical practices. Plus, by studying in the comfort of your own home you’re able to alter the workload to suit your busy schedule.

Take charge and become a style saviour with The Sustainable Fashion Collective.

Inspired by her 12 years of working as a production manager for notable Australian designers, Director Renee Carpenter took the plunge to educate the masses about her two loves; fashion and sustainability. In her previous roles Carpenter witnessed first hand the breathtaking charm and shocking realities of what it takes to create the clothes we wear.

Fashion is undeniably part of our everyday lives. It’s our daily amour that has the power to elevate our confidence as we face the world in our sky-high stilettos. Yet, now more than ever we’re yearning to know where our Zara, H&M and Forever 21 favourites really come from.

With the new year right around the corner, now is the time to follow your dreams. What better way to start 2017 than with an anything-is-possible attitude? Why not take the first step and study a short, captivating course that will transform your future?

Take charge and become a style saviour with The Sustainable Fashion Collective.

‘How to discover your inspired mission in sustainable fashion?’ is a 4-week, beginners course that introduces you to the world of sustainable fashion. You’ll unlock your personal goals and values, learn how to build your own moral business, network with like-minded individuals and at the end write your own, powerful mission statement for your conscious career.

Kick starting in early 2017,‘How to build a sustainable brand, the complete package’ is a 7-week, master class that covers the whole fashion business cycle. From strategy planning and sustainable design concepts right up to marketing and sales insights, you’ll learn industry knowledge and tools in creating a successful eco-friendly brand.

What sets the flexible online learning platform apart is that Carpenter personally works with you throughout the course’s duration, ensuring you’re receiving premium, tested skills about the sustainable fashion industry.

Having an environmental and social conscious will always be on trend. We guarantee your future looks bright with The Sustainable Fashion Collective.

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