From Our Wardrobe to Our Sex Lives to Our Careers: 7 Times Our Lives Demanded Extra Effort

1. Our wardrobes
The simplest of ways to make an impression begins and ends with first impressions. The girl wearing Dotti gets about as far in life as her cheap quality cotton shorts (ie, half a season). What some say is shallow, others say is vital but while you’re arguing over it the man, the boss or the human resources rep has already made their decision. And that clinched waist certainly did help.

2. Our careers
Probably the most testing of all aspects to conquer, our careers, unlike our wardrobes, are dependent on how far we can push ourselves. Look like a lady, think like a boss.

3. Our sex lives
The man might want you but it’s for a very good reason. He’s either into your personality, your abilities or your body (or all of the above) but either way, you’re going to need to make the effort to keep that spark alive. Buy the pretty knickers, get the wax, compliment him (but never fake it) and let him know you’re in it – the relationship or the metaphor - as much as he is.

4. Our company
Great friendships are the ones we can go back to after three years aboard but the key is ladies, we do have to go back to them. If you’re the one who gallivanted off around the country side, you also have to be the one who maintains the friendship. Samantha ran away to Hollywood but always flew back to New York, and Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda, for the A-list things.

5. Our finances
Tricky business for a self-supported fashionista, our finances can sometimes come second to our wardrobes, social lives and accessories collection. While we might see those shoes as investment, shares or the housing market are far more viable options. We’re not saying don’t buy the shoes but maybe they’ll be on sale next week? Ps – your daily latte is costing you $35 per week, or $140 per month or $1680 per year. Just let that sink in.

6. Our butt
We need the body to pull off the strappy cocktail number don’t we? When you compare an hour in the gym to the perils of the b word (budget), it almost seems easy.

7. Ourselves
Far above finances, things, and sex come the most important thing of all – ourselves. Sometimes we just need to take the time to remind ourselves of who we are, why we’re here and what we’re doing. Sort that out and everything else will happen in due time – like that sale you’ve been waiting for.