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Fashion has always played a major part in my life right from childhood. My mother was an accomplished seamstress and my aunt worked for one of France's leading fashion stylists, so I suppose you could say it's in my DNA. I am fortunate to have some amazing Paris-based fashion connections, including my close friend and colleague French stylist Isabelle Thomas who keep me constantly inspired.

The opportunity to open a boutique where I could combine French culture, conversation and fashion felt like destiny. It gives me the freedom to introduce a host of inspiring Paris designers to an Australian audience; my blog helps me connect with fellow fashion lovers all over the world. French Rendez-Vous brings to life the "je ne sais quoi", the very essence of Paris style. For me, French fashion is all about keeping it simple, keeping it chic.

When it comes to French fashion, my top three styling tips are:

1. Experiment. Fashion is based on fun so don't take it too seriously. Be unpredictable. Mix the expensive with the inexpensive. Give new life to classics by adding some unexpected colours, patterns or a different texture.

2. Leave some things to the imagination - it is more elegant than 'putting everything on show'. Par example: a backless dress is far more flattering than a low-cut dress. Keep a little mystery.

3. Fabric and fit are very important. It's difficult to look elegant in cheap fabrics and equally difficult to look elegant if the outfit doesn't fit well. My seamstress maman always said: "fit is everything".

Virginie Delamare

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 Virginie Delamare

Virginie Delamare

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