Feminism in Fashion

Prominent in the early 1900's, women found new rights and interests in multiple industries, particularly fashion. What followed was nothing short of dramatic.

The 50's saw tight figures, exploding breasts, and dramatically lady like hats and gloves. The 70's was that of almost rebellion, free spirits and careless trends. Come the new century, 2000's were about discovery and evolution of fashion. Which leads us to the current day.


Strong, prominent and confident women's fashion surrounds us constantly. Suits, soaring stilettos, power bags and jackets, high hair, dramatic eye liner, oh so tight shapes, daring hemlines and intense silhouettes. It's all influenced by a historical event which established a place for women in society to make their own decisions, present themselves as equals and able to be empowering in their wardrobe decisions (inspirational speech over).

However, most exciting of all is the lack of constraints, the opportunity to experiment, the place to be daring, and the vast landscape of variety and individuality which represents the contemporary fashion industry and feminism in its current form.

Just read the news headlines to establish the full effect of feminism on modern women. "Popular science blog is run by a woman, to the surprise of some," and "Rise of naked female warriors". Slightly confronting ritualism aside, it's clear where the power and individualism of the fashion industry originated.

Feminism in fashion is a concept to be remembered, referenced and rejoiced. Some food for thought ladies.

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