Fashion Weekly’s Top 10 Accessories Christmas Wish List


Accessories seem to have a certain super power which can help take any outfit to the next level. One of our favourite accessory creators, TotallyJewel, offers gorgeous pieces which are perfect for any occasion at a modest price. Here is our TotallyJewel Christmas wishlist that we are hoping Santa will bring to us this year!

1. Crystal Dove Necklace, $42

Crystal Dove Necklace

Statement collar necklaces are set to be a major trend this summer. This Crystal Dove Necklace can be worn peeped under a collared blouse for a glimpse of glam, or worn on bare skin for the ultimate princess look this party season.

2. Frozen Dalia Necklace, $34

Frozen Dalia Necklace

TotallyJewel’s Frozen Dalia Necklace is the perfect accessory that every woman should own. The floral design of the necklace makes it the ultimate piece for spring/summer, and its design, whilst being a statement piece, isn’t too overwhelming which allows it to be worn for any occasion.

3. Frost Forest Necklace, $38

Frost Forest Necklace

Are you wanting to make a wow statement? Than look no further than the Frost Forest Necklace. The unique, triangular style draws attention, whilst the silver, bronze and gold rhinestone allows it to be worn with any pieces of jewellery. Wear this necklace with a collared denim shirt or dress for the ultimate casual-chic look.

4. Allure Blossom Necklace, $38

Allure Blossom Necklace

The gorgeous Allure Blossom Necklace is one of those timeless pieces that can be worn for any occasion. The silver and white rhinestones mean that this statement piece is a versatile item that can be worn with any colour for a bold impact.

5. Mermaid Blue Earrings, $26

Mermaid Blue Earrings

Turquoise is set be a huge colour this summer, and paired with the refreshing white rhinestones in the Mermaid Blue Earrings gives off Cuban inspired vibes which is perfect for summer. Wear this dangly pair with a colourful off the shoulder blouse or flirty-caftan for a beautiful, destination look.

6. Allure Blossom Earrings, $26

Allure Blossom Earrings

We’ve all heard of the statement necklace, but sometimes statement earrings can be the pieces that make an outfit effortlessly glam. These Allure Blossom Earrings will add an elegant touch to your cocktail dress this party season, and can be worn with the Allure Blossom Necklace for a timeless matching set.

7. Precious Pearl Ear Jacket, $18

Precious Pearl Ear Jacket

Sometimes simple is best, and these Precious Pearl Ear Jackets are perfect for everyday wear over the Christmas season. The delicate contrast between the crystals and pearls within the earrings creates an ultra-modern look.

8. Duo Badala Stone Ring, $38

Duo Badala Stone Ring

Brass is the new rose gold this summer, and this Duo Badala Stone Ring will add an element of interest to your party frocks while still being subtle and not overwhelming to your look. Available in a variety of stone colour-ways, this ring can be worn individually or why not stack them for a fun and fierce look.

9. Bohemian Queen Cuff, $22

Bohemian Queen Cuff

Let's be honest, deep down we have all at least once wished were could be a Queen, and this cuff will at least make you feel like royalty with its layers of beautiful jewels. Wear this arm candy with an on-trend sheer lace dress for an effortless, summery take on celebratory supremacy.

10. Roman Numeric Cuff, $38

Roman Numeric Cuff

We tend to opt for sparkly dresses during the party season, which means that sometimes it can be hard to accessorise when your outfit is already so bold. A simple bracelet can be all you need to help bring your outfit together.

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