Fashion’s New Wave Leads the Way in Bespoke Fashion Content

Fashion's New Wave infographic was created to help inspire personal style, through different pieces, colours or textures. The infographic has been based on ethnographic research where these trends have been adopted by fashion leaders rather than followers.

Creating bespoke content for fashion and beauty bloggers internationally, the infographic adopts the following trends, aesthetics and lifestyles:

  • Bag layering,
  • Sunglass chain,
  • The flat shoe preference,
  • Gender neutral androgynous silhouettes that are boxy, boyish and carefree,
  • Loose fit shirt draped languidly around the waist,
  • Minimal makeup with flashes of eyeliner to uplift the flawless look with a minimal but mesmerising colour burst,
  • Layering of clothes with endless possibilities by mixing up textures, materials and prints for fresh and unique new styles,
  • New niche edgy style trend of one earing,
  • The shaggy, untamed windswept bob, and
  • The alternative stylish bag connoisseur as opposed to the functional bag.

Fashion’s New Wave Leads the Way in Bespoke Fashion Content

Break the rules for the season ahead, with ten off-the-wall styles that are set to unsettle fashion's old school order. Welcome to Fashion's New Wave.

Image source: Farfetch