Fashion's New Direction | Scrunch

Danielle and her team created Scrunch to empower creative businesses by offering them the tools they need to do better business, so they can get back to the more important work of designing and producing the world's great fashion.

Danielle Lewis

Scrunch offers it's customers a PR tracking tool that monitors millions of global fashion blogs and websites for brand, product and website mentions. The scrunch insights dashboard monitors all of the inventory in all of the brand's eCommerce wholesalers to measure what impact editorial has on their product sales. The potential to measure the real return on investment on public relations activities is an exciting step for the industry.

Excitingly, scrunch offers something for every fashion lover and has been built on a social network platform that celebrates the collaboration and editorial on which the industry was built. Every fashion lover is encouraged to sign up a profile and start following their favourites fashion brands, bloggers and creatives.

Danielle hails from Brisbane and graduated from the Queensland University of Technology BA Fashion in 2005. Since then Danielle has worked across a number of fashion projects, but cites scrunch as the most exciting to date and ultimately where her passion lies - the convergence of fashion and technology.

Danielle Lewis say, "The new trend of combining fashion and technology has hit a global stage and we have seen wearable technologies, BIG DATA analytics, 3D printing and RFID products all try and take the spotlight. We believe the success of any of these products will be determined by how well they truly serve the industry for which they were designed."

Find scrunch here – online, facebook, twitter, instagram.