5 style tips to a flawless summer figure

 Are you ready to embrace your natural figure?

  Are you ready to embrace your natural figure?

Simply stated, I love summer. The days last longer, the drinks get colder and the music gets louder. Relaxing poolside needs no excuse and wearing bright colours against sun kissed skin seems so effortless.

But apart from all those fabulous things, the truth of a 'summer body' seems confronting. The fashion industry keeps putting in-front of us 'perfect' images. How on earth are we supposed be confident women when our bodily flaws are discouraged instead of embraced?

Naturally we have curves and we have imperfections. That is what makes us beautiful and unique. So instead of getting all stressed out about a 'perfect summer body', why not embrace exactly what you have and effortlessly disguise the areas you wish for no-one to see.

To be honest, fashion and style is all about enhancing what we love and hiding what we don't. Here are 5 wardrobe staples from my experience, that are flawless regardless of your womanly body shape.

1. Kimono

Uncomfortable to show off your arms? Then a kimono is your friend. Wearing a figure hugging dress, but overwhelmed by the little bulges on the sides? A kimono will skim over these areas without drawing attention to them. Are you feeling a little frumpy and just want to wear something comfortable? The kimono elongates the body, covers, hides and styles your look without any fuss.

2. Sarong

I fall in love with sarongs every summer. You can wear them various different ways, and being available in various colours and prints offers multiple options without the dollars. I love wearing my sarong over my swimmers, or even over denim shorts in the summer. It gives off a holiday-vibe and easily hides any unwanted jiggle.


3. Maxi Dress

Why a maxi dress? Simply because it is a low-key, comfortable alternative for relaxed glamour. They suit almost every body shape and are super flattering as they easily skim over the body.
Add bold accessories, a belt if necessary, flats or heels and a statement clutch to rock this look.

4. Linen Over-sized Shirt

I swear this is the outfit that will make any man go week at his knees. It has this, "I may have just slept over and stole this from you" look. It also feels like you're on a distant beach holiday or maybe it says, "I woke up like this (flawless)". (thanks Beyoncé!)

Either way, there is nothing more comfortable or cooler than an oversized linen shirt. Team with leggings for easy-everything, or wear over your swimwear. You can tuck it in loosely in a pair of printed pants, or simply wear on its own with denim shorts, heels and bold accessories for a bit of a summer-naughty look. Or my favourite is wearing them at home for lounging Sundays or poolside drinking a fruity cocktail.

5. Swimwear

Swimwear, the dreaded word which involves confronting our fears. Who hates shopping for swimwear? You are not alone, as I am pretty certain the mirrors in the change rooms are made to accentuate your flaws so you leave making promises about exercise and food (which you probably won't keep). But if you choose a style that suits you, you can avoid all those yucky feelings. Simply choose a swimsuit in a flattering fabric and clever cut, and you’ll watch your anxiety melt away.

A few swimwear tips:
• Colour block your swimwear. Wear darker colours to appear slimmer.
• Buying bikini separates? Buy a bikini bottom with a skirt detail.
• Ruffles in the right places can flatter. Choose the ruffle wisely.
• Wanting to hide the tummy in a two piece bikini? Simply opt for a higher waisted bikini bottom.
• Wanting to hide the tummy in a one piece? Choose a style that wraps around the waist. Perfect for creating an hourglass figure and disguising the tummy area.
• Wanting to boost the bust? Choose a halter neck style.

Don't let summer worry you again. Embrace your natural beauty and shine.