Fall under the spell of the Cool Clutch obsession

Thanks to Cool Clutch, carrying your wine in style has never looked so fabulous!

Thanks to Cool Clutch, carrying your wine in style has never looked so fabulous!

Ladies, if there’s one thing we love as much as fashion, it’s wine. Although, have you noticed that finding a chic cooler bag transport your favourite bottle of vino or champagne in is next to impossible? Introducing Cool Clutch; a new online bag destination that will revolutionise your next BYO celebration.

One of the most important items for any classy BYO event is the cooler bag in which to carry your beverages and food. Yet, for such an important role it’s shocking to know that the majority of esky bags on the market are quite basic and dare we say it, ugly.

Cool Clutch is the innovative, Australian e-boutique who recognised this dilemma. To our delight, they have created cooler bags disguised as on-trend handbags to inject some class into BYO.

Cool Tote collection from Cool ClutchCool Tote Collection

It’s true that every fashionista’s life should be fabulous in every aspect, so why should we settle for anything less than a sophisticated cooler? Dual in purpose you will not only look stylish but you'll be catering in style with this timeless must-have.

Offering 3 designs at a modest price point, we can ensure you that there will be a size that suits your needs. The original Cool Clutch design is perfect for carrying a single wine or champagne bottle, a few cans of soft drink or smaller bottles of cider and beer. The Cool Tote will become a key piece within your collection as its bigger size and removable insulation means options and presents itself as a multipurpose tote. Whilst the Cool Wine Handbag is an essential for every style savvy woman who enjoys a few vinos over gossipy chats with her girlfriends. Its cool time temperature of 5 hours proves that it’s appropriate for longer occasions, and the built in opening for a wine cask tap results in easy pouring.

Cool Clutch and Cool Wine Handbag collection from Cool Clutch

Cool Clutch’s classic shapes and luxurious feel will not go astray amongst your handbag favourites. Boasting a broad range of colours and textures, there is a design to spice up your every outfit. Opt for a touch of shimmer with the trendy, metallic silver and gold pieces; create texture with the sumptuous synthetic crocodile and alligator bags, or add a pop of colour to complete your look.

To become the envy at every occasion, be sure to shop the collection at www.coolclutch.net or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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