Every diva's guide to packing light and staying fabulous

woman packing oversized suitcase

Planning a weekend away or jet-setting around the world? Packing can be a hassle when your inner Beyoncé wants to take everything in the closet. Here are our top tips to stay flawless and not take your whole wardrobe while travelling. 

man and woman arriving at hotel on vacation

Pack light
As cute as your most luxe travel bag is, chances are, it is already too heavy. Overweight baggage fees can be pricey and best to be avoided. Choose a light bag, and keep in mind the extra room you'll need so you can fit in all the extra shopping purchases you snap up during your travels.

beyonce posing on ground

Be like Beyonce
Be a boss like Queen Bey; be decisive! We all want clothing options when we are heading out in a foreign place, and by planning ahead and making those decisions early you will save on packing-space and time. 

suitcase filled with rolled clothes

Roll it up
If you are struggling with space, try rolling your clothes rather than folding them. Watch as your overflowing suitcase suddenly has room for all your destination shopping! 

confessions of a shopaholic closet scene

Embrace the pack 
Don’t dread packing, embrace it! Use it as a chance to rediscover that little black dress you thought you lost, or clean out those outfits you have been holding on to for the past 10 years.

famous women walking through airport

Carry on
Instead of putting a heavy, bulky jacket in your suitcase, wear it or carry it with you on board the plane, train or boat.

Kim Kardashian wearing tight grey set

Be practical 
Try to pack items that can be worn with multiple outfits. A black midi skirt can be paired with a knit jumper or basic t-shirt for a casual look. Or pair with a classic, elegant blouse for something dressier. 

grey valintino stillettos

Step in style
Shoes claim the majority of our luggage and weight allowance, and as much as we want a different pair for each outfit, taking them all is only going to put all our packing progress to waste. Stick to the essentials; a pair of sandals and neutral heels which can be worn with every outfit (you can never go wrong with black or nude). For the fierce fitness lovers, don’t forget to pack your runners!

Beyonce spraying perfume

Beauty hacks
Only take the essentials when it comes to make-up and toiletries. These things often come in large, heavy packaging, so you have to be minimalistic here. You don't need more than one bottle of perfume, and you definitely don't need your entire collection of make-up. Take the beauty products you know you couldn’t live without, and leave the rest behind. Be strong like Bey.

Words: Taylah Scanlon