Embrace your Yummy Mummy

  • Always be comfortable in what you are wearing by choosing flats over heels and favouring soft fabrics that are comfortable for you and the baby during cuddles.
  • Choose clothing patterns that can easily hide stains caused by vomiting babies and, where possible, stick to two-piece outfits that allow you to easily change your top if an accident occurs.
  • Breastfeeding can be a very hot job, so do yourself a favour and wear light materials that are easily washable.
  • Invest your money in a quality, fitted maternity bra – it's important to look after yourself and your breasts.

Your Accessories

Hard material necklaces, bracelets and rings may look great and be part of your previous go-to outfits, but they can be uncomfortable for the baby's skin and even for yourself during nursing. Scarves and soft, woolen or leather bracelets and necklaces are a great alternative, brightening up an outfit while being gentle on a baby's skin. Scarves are also great for some privacy and discretion when you are breastfeeding and a fantastic way to hide milk stains.

Your Beauty Routine

The idea of beauty sleep is not to be underestimated so make sure you get adequate sleep when your baby does; it will be your greatest asset for each day and will do your complexion wonders.

Remember that the most important thing is that you enjoy the journey of motherhood and ensure that you and your baby are healthy along the way.

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