Embrace your Body this Mother's Day

Pear Figure

Physique: Wide pelvis with a small chest and shoulders.
Style tips: Bring focus to your upper body by wearing dark coloured bottoms that do not draw attention to your hips and legs, wear vibrant, loud tops, strapless dresses and pointy shoes to elongate your legs.

Reversed Pear Figure


Physique: Small hips and wide shoulders with a large chest.
Style tips: With legs like yours you need to work them. Wear bright skirts and pants, full-length skirts, high-waisted numbers and tops that emphasise your waistline but not your arms.

Hourglass Figure

Physique: Large chest and waist with narrow hips.
Style tips: Embrace those beautiful curves by wearing waist-length tops, fitted dresses with wide belts, skirts, wrap dresses and skinny leg jeans.

Apple Figure

Physique: Full, round hips and a large chest.
Style tips: Work those legs in boot cut and flared pants and short skirts or dresses, avoid horizontal patterns and take advantage of empire or straight-cut tops and dresses.

Rectangle Figure

Physique: Slim, athletic body shape.
Style tips: Create some curves by wearing collared and detailed tops, wear a complimenting bra and layers, take advantage of colourful bottoms and scoop neck tops.

Words: Alyssa Gill

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