Celebrate your curves with Simone Pérèle


It’s no secret that we are always searching for designs to elevate our personal style and equip us to conquer our day. Yet, one aspect of our wardrobes that many of us overlook is our lingerie drawers. The truth is every woman wants to feel fabulous, radiant and incredible in their own skin. One of the easiest ways to do so is with a set or two of chic, perfectly fitted lingerie. Simone Pérèle are the Corsetry Specialists who create exquisite sets that boosts your esteem, celebrates femininity and complements your figure.

For almost 7 decades Simone Pérèle has dominated the lingerie scene thanks to their expertise in creating luxe, beautiful undergarments that perfectly embraces the female form. In 1948 Madame Pérèle opened the doors of their first Parisian workshop. Now, with stockists throughout the globe, the iconic brand is renowned for their elegant, fashion forward designs that gives their clients the support and sensuality they’ve been longing for.

Perfectly fitted lingerie can transform your silhouette, streamline your figure and praise your curves. The award-winning label, most recently crowned the 2017 Creator of the Year, understands that finding the ultimate addition can be tricky. With their leading fitting tips, you will effortlessly find the perfect bra to complement your silhouette.


By recognising your body shape, you are be able to identify the ensembles that will best enhance your assets. Simone Pérèle’s online Morphotest recognises your body shape, whether that is athletic, balanced, voluptuous, sensual or harmonious, and gives you the options that will best suit you.

It is important to understand that your breasts are more like sisters than twins. One may appear slightly larger than the other, and that’s completely normal! The Lipstick Test is an insider trick that Simone Pérèle corsetieres use to ensure their clients have the correct fitted bra. Simply insert your favourite lipstick between your back and the band of the bra and if it sits comfortably without you needing to hold it, the bra is your correct size.

Other insider tips to take note of is that due to the dying process of darker coloured bras, your new black set may feel tighter and firmer during its first few wears compared to their lighter coloured counterparts. Finally, your bras fabric has similar pores to the ones on our skin, so it’s important to regularly wash your ensembles. The Simone Pérèle experts’ advise to wash your bras every second wear to ensure the longevity of your lingerie.


We are all guilty of saving our fancier additions for special occasions. This is a stigma that Simone Pérèle are passionate about breaking, as everyday women deserve to feel special. From delicate lace to embroidered designs, Simone Pérèle’s unbelievably comfortable pieces will quickly become your daily essentials.

Simone Pérèle is available from David Jones and select retailers. For more information head to www.simone-perele.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. And don't forget to visit their blog www.dearparis.com.au for some major inspiration and to find their store locator. 

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