Dressing for the office: style dos and dont's

The pieces that fashion conscious women would never wear to the office

 The pieces that fashion conscious women would never wear to the office

It can be difficult to navigate the slippery slope of what is considered appropriate office attire. No woman wants to feel boring and drab during the week, but there is certainly a clear differentiation between clothing suitable for slugging it out in the office on a Tuesday, and tearing up the d-floor on a Saturday night. It is important to find a happy medium between the two, and for many young fashionistas, it is a constant juggling act. Read on to find out exactly how to look stylish and professional at work next week.

Dont's: what not to wear to work

-Off-the-shoulder tops
-Short shorts
-Ripped jeans
-Sheer tops
-Bandage dresses
-Too much make-up
-Messy hair
-Too many accessories
-Crazy high heels
-Casual footwear (sneakers, sandals etc.)
-Overly bright colours/patterns

The rule: don't wear anything overly short, tight, revealing or casual – if your mum would approve of your outfit, chances are, so will your boss.

Dos: how to spice up your basic office attire

-Start with a must have, plain white button up
-Layer your clothes (add sweater or blazer in the cooler seasons)
-Stick to a colour scheme (we recommend a monochromatic one)
-Wear fine, elegant accessories (you can't go wrong with dainty rings and a designer time piece)
-Add interest to a simple look with a statement bag or pair of heels (a pair of Louboutins never hurt anyone)

The rule: simplicity is key. Stick to basic, essential pieces and add excitement with statement accessories and layers.

Dressing for the office is much simpler than it seems. Stick to these guidelines and successfully avoid the awkward eye contact with your HR rep – you can thank us later!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis

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