Dressing for a day at the races


A day at the races isn't just a fun day out for you - it's a chance to really be noticed. People aren't just there for the horse racing (despite it being a lot of fun), they're there to be seen.

Sure, you'll most likely want to get involved with some betting, and you'll get super excited in the process if you’re heading to the Melbourne Cup and backing the likes of Max Dynamite (16/1). But before the cheering and drinking and everything else can begin, there's a lot of preparation to be done.

It's a sweltering Aussie summer as always, but just in case you haven't quite mastered that tan (hey, some of us can't, don't sweat it!), it's best to book a tanning appointment a day or two in advance. A good spray tan will last at least a week, and there's even something called a skinny tan these days which allows you to appear slimmer as you tan.
Next you'll need those falsies, and, as everyone knows, individual lashes work best. You want to look effortless so just give yourself some fluttering 'oomph' whilst still appearing semi natural.

Once you've got the time consuming prep out the way, you can get down to the good stuff. It's really worth considering hiring an MUA for the day, or at least going to the salon to get your hair in pin curls or an up-do - or at least a dramatic blow-out or even extensions.

If you can't afford a makeup artist, or you think you'd do a heaps better job, be sure to brush up on your contouring skills for a really defined look. You can get tips from top Australian beauty bloggers or YouTube stars.

Dress To Impress
Okay, now comes the real fun! The races are like the who's who of the fashion world. Every year, the press are out ready to pounce, for good and bad. Don't believe us? Just check out these pictures from the UK, and the poor girls who faced their wrath!

For the races, you want something glam and possibly even daring, but never, ever ridiculous. Sure, it might seem like a good idea to the push boundaries and get attention, but there is such a thing as a mistake when it comes to fashion. In 2015, with the amount of photographers that are out there, a faux-pas will be remembered!

To play it safe, you ought to put a unique spin on a classic style. For example, an A-line dress or even a maxi would complement most shapes and sizes.

When it comes to shoes, some killer heels are a great idea to add tone and definition to the legs, but only if you're used to walking in them! Remember, you'll be on your feet for most of the day and after a few drinks, you don't want to trip or fall!