Dove's Choose Beautiful Campaign is not that Beautiful

It's a confronting social experiment that explores the truths about choice. It might not be a surprise but it's sad to watch the reluctancy these women faced when having to choose a door based on their own perception.

Watch the vide below to see which door these women choose and how they were affected by their decision.

While many are commending the campaign's message of encouraging women to celebrate their unique beauty, some feel it's somewhat "hypocritical and patronising."

"Given the fact that Dove is owned by Unilever, which also owns Axe [body spray, sold in Australia as Lynx] (ugh) and the company that produces Fair & Lovely skin lightening cream (double ugh), the campaign comes across as hypocritical and patronising — a way for the company to pander to women for sales while practicing the very evil it preaches against," wrote Charlotte Hannah on Twirlit.

While Jo Stanley in her story for  said, "Why do I need to see myself as Beautiful? If you didn't ask me, I might not even have ever thought to put myself in that context."

"I need other doors, other options. Where's the Funny doorway? Or Clever or Compassionate? Why can't I #ChooseStrong? Or #ChooseExcellentListener? When are we going to value qualities we can strive for and that will benefit others, rather than aesthetic qualities we were lucky enough to be born with and that really only benefit ourselves?"

While the campaign has so far been successful, the criticism is worth noting as we re-think how women's self-esteem is being addressed.

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