Cynics Accessories

This sacred belief of a unified existence is the essence of the collection and is subtly carried through each piece.

Cynics has taken the concept of bringing together separate elements in absolute perfection and transformed them into accessories that layer and intertwine colour and semi-precious metals. Standout pieces include the 'Duo Pastel' tone zip bracelets combining two complimentary colours into one subtle statement piece and the 'Super Brights' zips that wrap around themselves and each other creating a striking burst of colour with any outfit.


The 'Twin Flame' heart ring and pendant are the most literal symbolic pieces. Two individual hearts fused together reference its namesake the 'Twin Flame,' a spiritual allusion to the soul, which achieves the ultimate state of being when the two flames of the same soul are united. The impassioned idea of the 'Twin Flame' lends itself to the emotive essence of jewellery, an expression of love for someone, an object that reflects the essence of its owner.

"I Am You, You Are Me," is a material paradigm of unity and its indisputable power. Alone the pieces speak, together they impact.

In addition to the evolution of Cynics signature zip bracelets and necklaces and the 'Twin Flame,' pieces, "I Am You, You Are Me," features nail cuffs, bracelets and earrings, cast from real nails. These pieces represent Cynics founding design principle, to make everyday objects beautiful. Like its counterparts the nail rings and cuffs are designed to have a strong, dominating effect when worn layered together. The metal ware carries the fine jewellery element of the collection with customised precious metal options available.


Cynics past collections have taken their lead from symbolic references as well, its inaugural collection, 'Zip It,' which gave birth to the labels signature zips, was a metaphor for a lack of silence in the modern world. The following collection, 'Superheroes,' was based on the concept of the world's obsession with idols. The combination of these unique inspirations and Cynics ability to transform ordinary objects into distinctive
wearable pieces is what makes Cynics an accessories label unlike any other.

A simple statement of unity, a complex code of living, a unified means of expression, "I Am You, You Are Me."

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