Comfortable Dressing Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Style

One of my favourite outfits that I have created is a casual yet chic look by incorporating simple clothing and jazzing it up with statement accessories.

The most important rule to comfort dressing is balance. If you go loose on top then be fitted at the bottom and vise versa. It's an important rule to follow to avoid looking shapeless.

For example, I've styled this relaxed chic look by wearing fitted black pants with an oversized sweater.

Comfortable Dressing Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Style

Realistically this look is quite simple but to add your own signature flair include a pair of designer high heels, a timeless clutch, eye-popping shades and a statement necklace.

Your mane is equally as important and sticking to that effortless vibe, I've gone with loose flowy curls that are stylish but still have a hint of being un-tamed.

I kept my makeup natural and simple with foundation, a light eyeliner, jet black mascara, and sweep of rose gold blush.

Having a fashionable yet comfortable look is the best when you need a glam break. Try this style for yourself and see how easy and fun it is to be fabulous and effortless all at the same time!

Comfortable Dressing Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Style

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Words: Stefanie McKim