Charged Romance

A ‘pastels meet electric palette’ is seen throughout the shoot, particularly in contrasting feminine white dresses with demure hemlines layered with brightly coloured coats. Outfits were mixed up, swapping plain dresses and bright jackets with bright dresses and plain jackets, further emphasising the combination of both rather diverse trends.


John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in the classic ‘Summer Lovin’ scene from Grease strongly influenced the student’s use of romantic flowing chiffon in dresses and ladylike tiered skirts. Splashes of electric blue and chunky wedged heels were paired with overt floral prints to create a clever distinction between trends. The concept ‘electro love’ featured among the outfits and highlighted glittering gemstones with statement jewellery and embellishment.

‘Old School Fling’ and’ Bold and Beautiful’ were also influencing concepts, with hints towards the 50’s evident in the longer hemlines and lady-like yet sophisticated silhouettes. Electric and pastel was again seen contrasting in the makeup with neon-bright cat eyes against pastel coloured soft eye shadow shapes. Lips were kept feminine in shades of bright red and soft pinks and purples. Footwear was kept simple, drawing even more attention to the brightly coloured pieces.

Blythen & Rogan created a style of their own in Charged Romance, bringing together a bright electric palette and the classic lady-like pastel trend. A clever tribute was paid to keeping the shoot true to contemporary style with the modern peplum skirt making an appearance alongside bright prints, however maintained the classic ladylike hemline and pastel colour scheme elsewhere.


The shoot presents a very wearable style, offering outfits appropriate to every occasion from a cocktail party, the office, a garden party and day wear. Blythen & Rogan’s choice of pieces clearly represents the diversity that is contemporary fashion.

Charged Romance is reminiscent of Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2012 runway show, complete with models perched upon a wonderland-like carousel, surrounded by white ponies and all to the tune of a music box-like soundtrack. The models in Charged Romance encapsulated this theme and gave it a twist, presenting fairy-like pastel trends mixed up with the contemporary neon brights trend. Homage is paid to the current Spring Racing Carnival, with demure lengths, practical footwear and spring colours making an appearance. Just add some vintage gloves, a square purse and a contrasting fascinator to be track-side ready. The contemporary theme is also mixed up with an eye towards the current vintage trend, influenced by the likes of Mad Men. A certain Joan Holloway feel is present, complete with lace-inlay hems and lady-like cut jackets in feminine shades of blue and pink.

In all, Allison Blythen & Grace Rogan successfully mixed old and new, creating a style somewhere in between the vintage-inspired Spring pastel trend and a very contemporary electric palette. The shoot presents a variety of wearable, appropriate and well-styled looks, appropriate for any occasion. Mr. Lowell was very right, this creativity has been made into something after it was found!



STYLIST Grace Rogan


MAKEUP Tracy Hilsum & Renae Michel

MODELS Alieda Ross & Janique Phillipson